May 202009

I’m not much of a steak guy these days. In fact I am usually more likely to order veggie than meat. We spent the night in Chicago yesterday and decided to head out for a good steak in a city that knows steak and steakhouses. I had a 55 day aged beauty of a ribeye and truffle fries at David Burke’s Primehouse. It was the best steak I’ve ever had – buttery, interesting and savory. Aged, cooked, and seasoned perfectly. It was really interesting to see how many different flavors came through after the aging. I don’t plan to make steaks a regular part of my diet, but it was definitely worth doing it right.

Mar 012005

I’m back from Chicago. Had a good time there, I like the city. I did alright with my first taste of cold in quite a few years. Living with the wind in my face for years in Alberta meant that Chicago winter was a piece of cake. Chicago actually reminded me a lot of Calgary. The weather, city layout, trails/parks around the water, and even avoiding green goose crap on the sidewalk seemed very familiar.

We flew into Midway and rode the Orange line into town. I’m not sure why everyone hates Midway, seemed just fine to me, and the train ride was fast and cheap (subway/L is $1.75). We stayed at the Hilton near the water, were treated like shit the first night, and put up in a smoking floor/room because we were “priceline customers”. Not fun. The next day we talked to Jerry, the MAN. He hooked us up with a swanky room and was the definition of outstanding customer service. Funny how one person can change your experience so completely.

That day we wandered around the city and did some sight seeing. I had really wanted to check out the bean, but it was covered up with a big white tent. The glass projection block things were only half working as well. Ah well, the bridge at Millennium Park was still cool.

We walked up the loop and then continued up to the Mag-Mile. I love Chicago architecture. I have always been a fan of 30’s deco/futurism style, and Chicago has plenty of it. We continued on the tourist theme, had dinner at Lou Malnatis, and went up the Hancock Observatory.

The next morning we went to the Gospel Brunch at HoB. I was a good time. Decent food, and the choir was fun. Then we spent most of the day at the Art Institute. Really great museum. Who would have thought paper weights would make an interesting collection. Or that miniature houses would be so cool?

Monday I had to bust out my had, as it snowed all day. I had lunch at the old Marshal Fields building, then spent the afternoon at the Field Museum. Then was time to check out the deep-dish at Gino’s East. Good stuff, but twice the price of Lou’s. Then I hopped the train back to Midway with my leftover Pizza for the plane. I’m sure half of the subway wanted to mug me for a slice. Once on the plane with my little treasure I learned that, unlike NY style, deep-dish makes for horrible cold pizza. Mind you, it was still worlds better than snack pack crap they were handing out.

Feb 072005

Chicago’s new Millennium Park has a giant reflective bean-like sculpture. It reflects the city skyline and people around the structure. What would I love to do? Take photos of it. Apparently, that might be an issue. You see, some dumbass decided that the city-paid artist should retain the copyright to the bean in the park. This means you pay for a permit to photograph public art in a city-owned park. Unbelievable.

The SD housing market is still freaking people out: An unusually large number of home sales to non-occupant buyers last year has some economists leaning forward and moving to the edge of their seats.