Nov 082004

Ah.. Life is sort of back to normal. We had a good time, but my familly has finally all been shipped back up north. Now we get to head back into the gym (amazing how bad a week can be for your health), write thank you’s, etc. We watched The Incredibles on Friday, great movie. I highly recommend it.

Three congressmen sent a letter to the General Accounting Office on Friday requesting an investigation into irregularities with voting machines used in Tuesday’s elections. There are some strange results from optically scanned paper ballots in FLA as well.

In the midst of depression over the election there is a bit of excitement here in San Diego. Donna Frye might be the next mayor – as a write-in.

Uhg. As someone who is paying CDN$ student loans, the past few years have been brutal for the US dollar. The rate was about 1.60 CDN for each USD when I first came down. Now, it is around 1.19 CDN for each USD. Ouch. More crap news: Dollar expected to fall amid China’s rumored selling. Looks like the rest of the world doesn’t buy Bush’s “deficits don’t matter” thinking.

Wired writes on Zero-energy homes: Living Free and Easy

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  1. “…Mr. Greenspan’s comments actually downplayed concerns about the U.S. current-account deficit, saying there’s no evidence that the gap is hard to finance. He also said that the reducing budget deficit will lower the risk of a currency crisis, adding that he doesn’t believe such a crisis is pre-ordained.”


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