Apr 192005

I received my WP-FX701 yesterday. Stumbling through the manual’s pictures (it is in Japanese) I managed to figure most of it out, but found an Olympus manual that helped for the other parts. So far I am pretty impressed with the case. It feels very sturdy, and all of the camera controls are functional and easy to reach. It is a bit bigger than I was expecting, so I’m not sure how easily it will work in the dust for Burning Man. Perhaps I will just zip lock the camera and use the case when I know the dust will be bad.

I would love to head to the cove to try it out, but the water temp is 59F. Wee bit too chilly for me, not to mention the visibility this time of year is less than ideal.

I watched I Heart Huckabees last night. A strange film, but I really liked it. It is definitely not for everyone though. You almost need a checklist to see if one would enjoy it. Let me try:

1) you enjoy odd, meandering stories
2) you have a casual interest in determinism vs. existentialism
3) you side with greens more than industry

The third point may seem a bit strange, but I think it was fairly critical to a lot of the humour in the movie. I would try to expand on that a bit more, but I’m just not that smart right now.

  3 Responses to “WP-FX701”

  1. Ah come on. A couple of my friends have already started doing the buoy swim at the cove. I expect to see some underwater pictures soon.

    I was a big fan of I Heart Huckabees … just my kinda movie.

  2. You see what this town has done to me? I’m turning into a temperature wimp.

  3. Yeah, you gotta go swimming back in Canada.

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