Scuba diving with sea lions on Islas Coronado

Photos of Scuba diving Islas Coronado, Baja I had a great time scuba diving at the Lobster Shack on Islas Coronado on Saturday. The Coronado Islands are a group of four islands in the municipality of Tijuana. An hour boat ride from San Diego, they are a popular dive spot. There is usually a bit […]

Untergunther cleared over charges from fixing the Panthéon’s clock

The Guardian has good news on the fascinating Untergunther group in Paris: Four members of an underground “cultural guerrilla” movement known as the Untergunther, whose purpose is to restore France’s cultural heritage, were cleared on Friday of breaking into the 18th-century monument… For a year from September 2005, under the nose of the Panthéon’s unsuspecting […]

A small glimse at your future and past

Wired has a great story about $1000 genetic tests: Reading your genomic profile — learning your predispositions for various diseases, odd traits, and a talent or two — is something like going to a phantasmagorical family reunion. First you’re introduced to the grandfather who died 23 years before you were born, then you move along […]

Happiness, all over

I somehow ended up talking about the hedonic treadmill with a friend last night. Shortly after that I ended up reading Pursuing Happiness from Heifer’s World Ark: Could it be that our biggest social problems today—failing public schools, skyrocketing health costs, widening wealth inequalities, collapsing infrastructure—are related to the fact that, in the midst of […]