Another weekend in Two Harbors, Catalina

Two weekends ago (man am I slacking on posts) Anna and I went to Two Harbors with the dive group again. It was a gorgeous 3 day weekend – Flat water, hot weather, clear skies. We did some kayaking and wandering around the island, but nothing too adventurous. I managed to get in a night dive, two boat dives, and a kayak dive. The night dive had a lot of octopus out on the sand hunting, which is always fun to see. The first boat dive was to sea fan grotto, which was interesting in spots, but didn’t hold much life. The next dive was at Bird Rock, which had a load of sea fans, some cool swim-throughs, lots of nudis, and a good showing of fish. It was so nice we kayaked back to it on Sunday morning for another great dive. A long weekend Two Harbors is definitely worth the drive to Long Beach.

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