Fixing CrashPlan on Synology after the 3.7.0 update (Synology repairing upgrade in /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/upgrade/1388728800370. )

If you recently upgraded to DSM 5.2 and had CrashPlan break, this is likely due to the CrashPlan 4.2.0 update. Please see

NOTE: This manual fix should no longer be needed after the 0029 update from Patters:

0029 Updated to CrashPlan version 3.7.0, improved detection of temp folder (prevent use of /var/@tmp), added support for Annapurna Alpine AL514 CPU (armhf) in DS2015xs, added support for Marvell Armada 375 CPU (armhf) in DS215j, abandoned practical efforts to try to support Code42’s upgrade scripts, abandoned inotify support (realtime backup) on PowerPC after many failed attempts with self-built and pre-built jtux and jna libraries, back-merged older libffi support for old PowerPC binaries after it was removed in 0028 re-write

Archive content:
CrashPlan recently pushed an update (3.7.0) to all clients which broke the CrashPlan package Patters had created for Synology. The log for the failing CrashPlan package would look something like this:

CrashPlan started, version 3.6.4, GUID 574956158631543214
Upgrades available at
Downloading a new version of CrashPlan.
Download of upgrade complete – version 1388728800370.
Installing upgrade – version 1388728800370
Upgrade installed – version 1388728800370
CrashPlan stopped, version 3.6.4, GUID 574956158631543214

If the package was attempted to start again, it would write a line similar to the following, and then stop:

Synology repairing upgrade in /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/upgrade/1388728800370.

After some investigation by Stig, Casper, and Harv on the comments for the package a working solution was found to manually install the update files and disable the failing file. Note that this will likely be fixed by Patters soon, this is just a workaround if your CrashPlan install has stopped as a result of the 3.7.0 update.

1. First, connect to Synology using SSH and the root account (uses admin password).  Connecting as the admin account will not give you enough permissions.
2. Run the following commands:

3. The next command will be different for everyone, as part of the file path is randomized.  In this case, you will need to see what your path is first by running ls, and then editing the second statement below, replacing whatevervalue with the rest of  your path:

4. After the above completes, you should be able to start the CrashPlan package again in Synology and get it running once more.

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  1. Thank you for writing this up! I have been holding off updating DSM etc. as I hate having Crashplan constantly crap out on me afterwards. I thought it was going to all work out until the update which kept crapping out on me. Great work and thank you once again! This works like a champ on my DS1512+

  2. Thanks! I was tearing my hair out trying to figure out if I had done something to bring this on myself.

  3. I followed the instructions, and the upgrade seems to work fine. But my Windows client (3.7.0, under Windows 8.1) now seems to have problems connecting to the Synology server. It’s “waiting for connection”. Any thoughts?

  4. Bernhard – Just wanted to add my thanks. Do not know what we would do without people like you keeping on top of things like this.

  5. Your instructions worked for me for a few hours, but now there’s nothing backing up. I successfully applied this fix (thank you) two days ago and off the backup went. the program reported 1.2TB done and 600GB to go. Sometime during the night, the backup stopped, and yesterday morning, the client on my pc had gone from the screen, presumably disconnected from the Synology 415play NAS. Every time I restarted the client, it disappears before it’s finished scanning all the files.

    Yesterday I spent all day doing every combination of uninstalling and re-installing the program, the client on my pc (now on version 3.7.0) and restarting the pc and the server, all to no avail.

    Overnight the client stuck at 66.6% when synchronizing the block information. After restarting the NAS, the client actually finished with the block information and claims to be backing up. However, it now reports that over 600GB has been backed up and there is 1.2TB to go – the opposite of what was reported two days ago. I believe this is wrong as Crashplan has been backing up for several months and before the 3.7 update, had made steady if slow progress. I can see from the Source Monitor on the NAS that it’s not backing up as there is on 1KB/s of data uploading.

    I’m sure I have correctly applied the fix described, otherwise the program will not run on the NAS. I’m aslo sure I have made the correct change to the UI.Properties file, otherwise the client wouldn’t connect. Everything was fine before the 3.7 update on the NAS. When I applied the fix with the previous version of the client, it worked for perhaps 12+ hours, but stopped during the night. I’ve had the NAS for perhaps eight months and I have only had to restart it once when it became unreachable.

    I have tired posting a screen grab of the log file from the client for the past two hours since I restarted the NAS, but it doesn’t work. The log says the program started on version 3.6.4 and then apparently updated itself to 3.7.0. The log file also seems to show that the program keeps stopping itself (and thus the client disappears from my pc screen), but then restarts itself.

    I’m completely stuck now and have tried over two days to get this to work. I’ve even considered ditching Crashplan and going with one of the supported backup programs, but the costs are prohibitive. I thought I’d try one of the business Crashplan accounts, which I assume uses a different program and client, but business packages are not available in the UK.

    Has anyone else who applied this fix had the same problem, or are your backups still working? If the fix should continue to work, what have I done wrong and how can I fix it?

    Many thanks in advance for your help.

    PS I posted this on another site ( a couple of days ago and so far one other person has reported the same problem.

  6. Thank you, it works but not the last step (3.2) but ok after editing/renamed with WinSCP: “” to “” .

  7. Jamie, I am having a similar issue. The client crashes, because Crashplan on the NAS keeps on starting and stopping. After all the fixes. What NAS are you using?

  8. Super easy! Super fast! It worked very well for me.

    (I have a DS112j with DSM 5.1-5022 and CrashPlan 3.6.4-0028)

  9. Still having this issue. Looking for a permanent fix if there is one Every 1-2 minutes crashplan will restart and begin analyzing. Once the analysis completes it crashes and begins the entire process again.

  10. Today I got the 3.7.0-0030 on my synology and the auto-update package does not work proprely.
    Do I have to undo some files that i moved previously to work fine ?

    Thanks for your help ;)

  11. After the manual update (unzip and mv) it seemed to work but all Crashplan configuration has gone. It does not know what to backup and to what destinations.
    Any help on how to get this back is highly appreciated, ie. what was the confit and how to ‘attach’ to the exisiting backup sets?

  12. Ignore my post above!
    I forgot to edit to point it to the Synology instead of localhost.

  13. Daniel – and all.
    There is a new version 3.7 supplied by patters in the DSM which solves all the problems. I installed it two days ago and it’s worked without a hitch. I’ve now stopped the back up and applied networkrockstar’s speed increase. After restarting the program, and after its scanning etc, it’s happily uploading at 10+Mbps. I’ll report back in another day or so to confirm it’s still running at the increased speed.
    Daniel – I’m using a Synology 415play and DSM 5.1.

  14. I made this change to fix crash plan and now the official update has been released every time I try to update crash plan on the NAS I just get a message saying “failed to install crashplan” – I have even tried uninstalling and reinstalling with the same error. I have bootstrapped and installed optware.

    Anyone else having the same issue?

  15. I have managed to fix my issue – seems like a recent DSM update required signing of packages – change Settings in package centre to allow packages to be installed from any publisher (rather than “Synology and Any Trusted Publisher”) fixed the install error… only discovered this through the log files, Synology could be a little more helpful in their error message!

  16. It’s not working anymore for me. I’ve installed the update of CrashPlan; 3.7.0-0030 which shouldn’t have this problem any more, correct? The log shows ‘starting crashplan… scanning…starting backup… stopping’. Running on ‘DSM 5.1-5022 Update 1’.

    Any ideas?

  17. Hello,

    Since new version of DSM released as of today (5.2-5565), problem occurs again.

    Any help please ?

    Many thanks.


  18. I’ve been using a headless version of CrashPlan on my Synology DiskStation for quite a while.
    Unfortunately, as of a day or so ago, CrashPlan has stopped running. I’ve loaded the latest version of Java embedded, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the latest CrashPlan package and I’ve updated the heap size via SSH. Still not working.
    My CrashPlan log is:

    CrashPlan started, version 3.7.0, GUID xxxxxx
    Upgrades available at
    Downloading a new version of CrashPlan
    Download of upgrade complete – version 1425276000420
    Installing upgrade – version xxxxx
    Upgrade installed – version xxxxx
    CrashPlan stopped, version 3.7.0, GUID xxxxxxx

    Any help or troubleshooting advice is much appreciated.

  19. Apologies, posted my comment without refreshing the page and seeing your latest post. Thanks and will check it out.

  20. Thanks for the fix. I was working fine until May 13, 2015 when a CrashPlan update broke me. Seems to have coincided with at DSM update on the same date…The procedure above got me back up and running — much appreciated!

  21. I’m attempting this fix on Xpenology DSM 5.1-5022-U5 with Crashplan 3.7.0-0030, however I’m stuck at the first set of instructions.

    specifically :
    “unzip -o /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/upgrade/1425276000420.jar run.conf -d /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/bin/”

    it replies with “caution: filename not matched: run.conf”

    so I’m unsure what to do here…

  22. @spyrule, I ignored that and did the rest of the commands and it’s started successfully and I’m backing up again.

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