May 122015

The latest round of updates from CrashPlan (4.3.0) has broken the CrashPlan package on Synology again. Please see for the newest instructions.

Archived information for 4.2:

After installing Synology DSM 5.2, CrashPlan recently pushed an update (4.2.0) which broke the CrashPlan package Patters had created for Synology. The log for the failing CrashPlan package would look something like this:

CrashPlan started, version 3.7.0, GUID 559750658046558476
Upgrades available at
Downloading a new version of CrashPlan.
Download of upgrade complete – version 1425276000420.
Installing upgrade – version 1425276000420
Upgrade installed – version 1425276000420
CrashPlan stopped, version 3.7.0, GUID 559750658046558476

If the package was attempted to start again, it would write a line similar to the following, and then stop:

Synology repairing upgrade in /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/upgrade/1425276000420.

This seemed to be similar to the previous issue seen in 3.7.0, so I used the following steps to fix crashplan on my synology box: Note that this will likely be fixed by Patters soon, this is just a workaround if your CrashPlan install has stopped as a result of the 4.2.0 update.

Connect as root to SSH

First, connect to Synology using SSH and the root account (uses admin password).  Connecting as the admin account will not give you enough permissions.

In SSH, run commands to extract the update

In SSH, run unique command to cleanup the package

The next command will be different for everyone, as part of the file path is randomized.  In this case, you will need to see what your path is first by running ls, and then editing the second statement below, replacing whatevervalue with the rest of  your path:

Start CrashPlan package, check log

After the above completes, you should be able to start the CrashPlan package again in Synology and get it running once more. The log should show:

CrashPlan started, version 4.2.0 GUID 559750658046558476

  158 Responses to “Fixing CrashPlan 4.2.0 on Synology after DSM 5.2 update”

  1. @Pete – Are you logged in as root? The admin account doesn’t have the permissions required.

  2. After fixing CrashPlan 4.2 as listed, now instead of backing up as normal, it keeps crashing and restarting, approximately every 15 minutes, on a ds215j. Anyone else have this problem or have any ideas on what’s going on now?

  3. Great! Works like charm – you made my day, thanx

  4. Dale – Duh. Thank you.

  5. @fas My crashplan at home (which isn’t on a synology) was doing this until I upped the memory limit. Take a look at the logs and see if you can find any memory related errors.

  6. Perfect, thanks!

  7. I thank you, Sir! My clients Thank you. 3 boxes fixed in less than 10 minutes.. no more “It’s not backing up” phone calls.. Hurrayyy!!!

  8. worked perfectly. Thank you.

  9. I’m not seeing the 1425276000420.jar file. It’s just not appearing on the synology. Is there some way to pull this down manually?

  10. Thanks for this Chris!

  11. Worked for me but for the people seeing the upgrade mv error, I had to change it to
    mv /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/upgrade/ /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/upgrade/1425276000420.whatevervalue/

  12. Worked, thank you for sharing!

  13. Thanks so much for these instructions – they worked without a hitch.

  14. Thanks a mil$, after some messing around with the “filename not matched” error it works again! Thanks!

  15. WORKED for me!!! YAY!!! Thanks for the right up!

  16. Thanks for this solution! Life saver!

  17. Worked :-) Thank you.

  18. Patters rolled out a new update today that addresses this issue, for those of you having problems after the update.

  19. Hi everyone, same problem here on a 213+ after the DSM 5.2/Crashplan 4.2 upgrades.

    problem for me is I don’t have the “upgrade” sub folder under /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/ so I can’t run this fix.

    I’ve tried removing/reinstalling both java and CP but no luck


  20. Not working for me on my 210+ DSM 5.2. Crashplan 4.2.0 just won’t start and nothing appears in the log file. Any thoughts?

  21. Unfortunately, my Synology 213+ also fails to start Crashplan with NAS 5.2 5565 update 1 and crashplan 4.2.0 0031. It was working before these updates today. It doesn’t even leave comments in de log anymore and there is no upgrade folder either so the fix is impossible. Does anyone have a solution?

  22. I had to perform the SSH steps described above after upgrading to DSM 5.2 / Crashplan 4.2.0 (and the process worked exactly as described).

    However when upgrading to DSM 5.2-5565 Update 1, and the latest patters Crashplan 4.2.0-0031 (which apparently removes the need for the SSH steps above); Crashplan would no longer start.

    As other have mentioned, nothing is written to the log either. I too tried removing both Java and Crashplan and reinstalling both; but still no luck.

    I have a DS413.

  23. Matt, Gabskie, BJ:
    The same, on 1813+, after upgrading DSM to 5.2 and CrashPlan to 4.2.0, I see only this in the log files:


    I 05/26/15 12:53AM CrashPlan started, version 4.2.0, GUID XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    I 05/26/15 12:53AM CrashPlan stopped, version 4.2.0, GUID XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Can anyone help?

  24. @Tico
    What did you do to resolve the “filename not matched” ?

  25. @Alexis, the download of the 1425276000420.jar is here:

  26. Damn Synology just did an auto update of Crashplan this afternoon and stopped itself working!
    Looks like a similar issue to before with a new GUID.
    Couldn’t cut/paste the log for some reason?!

  27. Yes the same fix worked this time!

    1. unzip -o /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/upgrade/1427864400430.jar *.jar -d /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/lib/
    2. unzip -o /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/upgrade/1427864400430.jar lang/* -d /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/

    Then find unique value:
    ls -l /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/upgrade/1427864400430.*

    and clean up with:
    mv /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/upgrade/1427864400430.whatevervalue/ /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/upgrade/1427864400430.whatevervalue/

  28. Hmm – seems all is not well. Although it’s working fine again on the synology, I can no longer connect from my Mac. Have upgraded manually to 4.30 with no problem and changes the to point to the Synology but it just isn’t talking. Wonder if anyone has managed to fix this?!

  29. I just ran into the same problem. My log on synology shows that at 12pm yesterday crashplan was automatically updated. Then synology tried to repair the upgrade. After that the service stopped. I was able to do this fix and got the service on synology working again. But my client application (win7 desktop app) won’t connect to synology. Keeps trying to connect but hangs. I wonder if going back to an older crash plan version on synology could get everything working again.

  30. I’m suffering from the same problem – and have seen a couple of similar comments surface on other forums since the v4.3 upgrade was pushed out late yesterday. The problem appears identical to that which occurred when the v3.7 and v4.2 upgrades were pushed out – and the solution in those cases appears to work in this – the service runs once again on the NAS. However this time around the client s/w appears to be unable to connect to the service running on the NAS – no error messages or anything, the UI just hangs. I’ve found no solution to this as yet.

  31. Thanks for the reply Brian. Seems it’s a common problem then. Hopefully someone smarter than me can come up with a fix!

  32. I experience the same problem Steve, Brian and Vlad are having.

  33. The fix worked again for today’s update on the synology. However, my PC will not update. Curious if has to do with 4.3.1 ability to have multiple users backup from the same device with different profiles.

  34. @stevedunham – did you find a way to gain access again? i’m having the same issue

  35. @Mat No – beyond my abilities. I wonder if the needs amended somehow….need some kind computer guru to come up with a fix!

  36. Same here. After DSM-Update CrashPlan stopped working. Did the above steps to fix CP, but my Client (4.2 as well as a freshly installed 4.3) won’t connect!
    Any lifekeepers out there? 8-(

  37. Hi,

    When I run the first command (unzip -o /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/upgrade/1427864400430.jar *.jar -d /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/lib/) following the latest update I am getting the following error message:

    Archive: /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/upgrade/1427864400430.jar
    error: cannot delete old /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/lib/c42_protolib.jar
    Permission denied
    error: cannot delete old /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/lib/com.backup42.desktop.jar
    Permission denied
    error: cannot delete old /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/lib/guava-18.0.jar
    Permission denied
    caution: filename not matched: bcprov-jdk15on.jar
    caution: filename not matched: com.jniwrapper.jniwrap.jar
    caution: filename not matched: com.jniwrapper.macpack.jar
    caution: filename not matched: com.jniwrapper.winpack.jar
    caution: filename not matched: commons-collections-3.2.1-mini.jar
    caution: filename not matched: commons-jxpath-1.1.jar
    caution: filename not matched: jna-3.2.5.jar
    caution: filename not matched: json-20070829.jar
    caution: filename not matched: json-lib-2.4.jar
    caution: filename not matched: jtux.jar
    caution: filename not matched: log4j-1.2.16.jar
    caution: filename not matched: miglayout15-swt.jar
    caution: filename not matched: org.eclipse.core.commands_3.6.1.v20120814-150512.jar
    caution: filename not matched: org.eclipse.equinox.common_3.6.100.v20120522-1841.jar
    caution: filename not matched: org.eclipse.jface_3.8.101.v20120817-083647.jar
    caution: filename not matched: org.eclipse.osgi_3.8.1.v20120830-144521.jar
    caution: filename not matched: protobuf-java-2.4.1.jar
    caution: filename not matched: rhino-1.7r3.jar
    caution: filename not matched: sbbi-upnplib-1.0.4.jar
    caution: filename not matched: slf4j-api-1.6.1.jar
    caution: filename not matched: slf4j-log4j12-1.6.1.jar
    caution: filename not matched: swt-64.jar
    caution: filename not matched: swt.jar
    caution: filename not matched: trove-3.0.2.jar
    caution: filename not matched: twitter4j.jar

    Any ideas?

  38. @Andrew Wardlaw: really logged in as ROOT (NOT! admin)?

  39. @Jens, oh flipping heck! I need more coffee clearly!

  40. Yup that worked! Thank you.

  41. I have a fix :)

    They introduced a new authorization mechanism in the latest update which needs a guid to securely log you in to the headless client.

    1.On the Synology server, there is an alphanumeric key hiding in /var/lib/crashplan/.ui_info Copy this key file to your clipboard. It looks like
    2. on your PC go to C:\ProgramData\CrashPlan\.ui_info and replace the guid (after 4243,) with the guid in the line you have copied. (essentially it should end up looking the same as the line you have copied)
    3. Edit the file under c:\program files\crashplan\conf and make sure you set the serviceHost=, and servicePort=

    Good luck! it worked for me! :)

  42. Thank you to Mathew Stocks and Steve Dunham for posting fixes in the comments to get folks going!

    Note that CrashPlan pushed another fix today, so depending on which upgrade your instance failed on, you may need to upgrade to 1427864400430 and then again to 1427864410430.

    I’ve created a new post for the issues in the latest 4.3.0 updates from CrashPlan on Synology:

  43. the also does a ps -ef (should be ps w) which is not supported

  44. For people who might still not get it going, I overlooked this one: I upgraded to the new version first using unzip then to the even newer one. Crashplan would then start on the Synology. I reinstalled the Crashplan client on my Windows machine, but when connecting I immediately get a “cannot connect check your network” even though I set the serviceHost to the Synology’s IP and the servicePort to 4243. I thought that was weird, so I decided to stop and start the Crashplan service on the Synology. It stopped… And would not start again. The log says the infamous “Synology repairing upgrade…”.

    Then I noticed there are now two folders in the /var/packages/CrashPlan/targret/upgrade folder, one for each upgrade… And I only renamed the in the first folder. After repeating the “mv” command in the second folder, all came back to life.

  45. Hey there. I don’t know why but in my case, 1427864410430.jar has not been uncompressed; in the /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/upgrade folder, I have 1427864410430.jar next to 1427864400430.jar and a 1427864400430.1436263146925 folder. I’ve completed the manual steps for the previous upgrade (i.e., 1427864400430) but i’m not sure how to upgrade now towards 1427864410430. Can I safely manually uncompress the jar file and follow the steps above or is the per-user folder suffix actually important? Should I keep the update jar files & folders afterwards?

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