Fixing CrashPlan 4.3.0 on Synology

CrashPlan Issue For Synology – Fixing the 4.3.0 update

If your Synology NAS can run docker, you may want to consider an alternative to the CrashPlan package. See here: CrashPlan and CrashPlan Pro on Synology using Docker

Note, see bottom of page for information on DSM 6 and CrashPlan 4.6.0

Recently CrashPlan updated to version 1427864400430, which broke the CrashPlan package Patters had created for Synology installations again. They then (July 2nd?) released 1427864410430 as well, which means that if your CrashPlan installation on Synology broke with version 1427864400430, you will need to upgrade, wait for it to break again, and then fix with version 1427864410430. In general the fix process has been the same over the last few breaks, and I’ve outlined those steps below for the latest version.

There is one major change introduced from CrashPlan. Starting with the 1427864400430 update, a guid (think of it as a key) is needed to securely log into the headless client. Thanks to Mathew Stocks, I’ve made those instructions available as well.

The log for the failing CrashPlan package would look something like this for a failing 1427864400430 upgrade:

Upgrades available at
Downloading a new version of CrashPlan.
Download of upgrade complete – version 1427864400430.
Installing upgrade – version 1427864400430
Upgrade installed – version 1427864400430
CrashPlan stopped, version 4.2.0, GUID 559750658046558476

If the package was attempted to start again, it would write a line similar to the following, and then stop:

Synology repairing upgrade in /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/upgrade/1427864400430.

Note that the following instructions are for the 1427864410430 upgrade, which is the latest (as of July 2nd, 2015) update. If your Synology didn’t make it to this version, run the following steps, but substitute “1427864400430” where there are any references to “1427864410430”.

Connect as root to SSH

First, connect to Synology using SSH and the root account (uses admin password).  Connecting as the admin account will give you permission failures!

In SSH, run commands to extract the update

In SSH, run unique command to cleanup the package

The next command will be different for everyone, as part of the file path is randomized.  In this case, you will need to see what your path is first by running ls, and then editing the second statement below, replacing whatevervalue with the rest of  your path:

Start CrashPlan package, check log

After the above completes, you should be able to start the CrashPlan package again in Synology and get it running once more. The log should show:

CrashPlan started, version 4.3.0 GUID 559750658046558476

Get the headless key from the .ui_info file

While connected to SSH as root, run the following command to get the headless key file. The funky formatting of this command is because the file does not contain the special newline character:

The command will output a line similar to the following (everyone’s will be different):

Update .ui_info on the computer connecting to Synology

On the computer where you are connecting to CrashPlan on Synology, go to the .ui_info file under the CrashPlan directory. NOTE: I had to manually upgrade my computer’s version of CrashPlan (via in order to see the .ui_info file.

Typically on Windows, this will be found under:

Or on a Mac in the following location (need to have finder set to show hidden files):
/Library/Application Support/CrashPlan/.ui_info

Enter in the new key in the file, replacing the current value, and save it. You should now able able to connect to the headless client. Note that you may need to also update the values in again if you had to upgrade CrashPlan.

CrashPlan 4.6.0

There are some tools referenced in the comments for this page which might make upgrades easier for some people. But I’ll also give the latest files & paths using the original instructions above – the following commands can be used for v4.6.0:

unzip -o /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/upgrade/1435813200460_382.jar "*.jar" -d /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/lib/
unzip -o /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/upgrade/1435813200460_382.jar "lang/*" -d /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/

Find latest package folder:
ls -l /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/upgrade/1435813200460_382.*

Replace the whatevervalue with the folder name:
mv /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/upgrade/1435813200460_382.whatevervalue/ /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/upgrade/1435813200460_382.whatevervalue/

Synology DSM v6

I don’t recommend upgrading to v6 at this time (March 2016) if you do not have an Intel based CPU in your Synology NAS as there have been issues reported with the java packages in the comments here as well as on Patter’s page. If you do have an Intel based CPU you will need to use 7z commands on DSM6 instead of zip commands. Examples for CrashPlan 4.6.0:
sudo 7z e -y -o/var/packages/CrashPlan/target/lib /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/upgrade/1435813200460_382.jar "*.jar"
sudo 7z e -y -o/var/packages/CrashPlan/target/lang /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/upgrade/1435813200460_382.jar "lang/*"

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  1. And again an update (1435813200470_317.jar) has crashed the software. Despite all the efforts it is impossible to get a good backup in this way. Anyone suggestions for a better alternative?

  2. Dammit. Self-upgraded to 1435813200470 and now it’s crashed and the 1435813200470_317.jar doesn’t even exist. Is there no way at all to stop these auto-upgrades?

  3. Fix for 1435813200470_317
    Step 1: SSH into your Synology NAS
    Step 2: run “which java” and copy the path it prints
    Step 3: “vi /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/install.vars”
    Step 4: Replace the value of ‘JAVACOMMON’ with the path, press ‘i’ on your keyboard to enable editing.
    Step 5: Type ‘:wq’ to save and exit.
    Step 6: Start Crashplan package from Package Center

  4. I’m having similar issues as BroFist: I’ve installed the latest from Patters, and it starts up ok at first, but after it attempts an upgrade, there are no traces of the actual CrashPlan application (i.e., lib/com.backup42.desktop.jar) or any kind of upgrade file. It’s like the updater purposefully hollows out the package so it won’t work.

  5. Got the same problem, Crashplan crashes when trying to extract update from /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/upgrade/1435813200470_317.jar, but the file does not even exist.

    Tried to change the JAVACOMMON path as BroFist suggested but still does not work. Thanks for the effort though.

  6. It was working for the 5 minutes I had it up I guess, and I’ve just woken up to see it crashed. Any help with fixing 4.6.0-0038 would be much appreciated. I’ll keep tinkering and see if there’s any solution.
    P.s. I am using a DS213J

  7. Okay, so the jar file is there. Here is the output I get when trying to run the extraction commands:
    # sudo 7z e -y -o/var/packages/CrashPlan/target/lib /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/upgrade/1435813200470_317.jar “*.jar”

    No files to process

    Files: 0
    Size: 0
    Compressed: 47456700

    # sudo 7z e -y -o/var/packages/CrashPlan/target/lang /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/upgrade/1435813200470_317.jar “lang/*”

    No files to process

    Files: 0
    Size: 0
    Compressed: 47456700

    Very odd. I have kept a backup of the jar file before it disappears again.

  8. I am looking at Amazon unlimited cloud storage for 60 bucks a year. DSM 6 appears to let you sync multiple folders. It also looks like a I can do a unidirectional sync. Crashplan has sent 2 concerning emails lately. One States pro-rated cancelation endingredients May 16th. The other states they will no longer support older kernels for computer to computer backups. I fear they will stop support older kernels for crashplan central backups next, after the end of pro-rated cancelation. Crashplan was great until this mess started. As a home user trying to protect family photos, I cannot justify the time sync. I have a DS1515+ and it has worked well as a NAS. I think synology has poor app support, and their lack of native cloud backup is laughable. I refuse to buy another synology to host my off-site backups. So cloud sync will have to do…

  9. Totally agree with you Dennis.
    It’s not the first time crashplan update let me without cloud backup.
    I really start thinking about an alternative but would like to stay with something cheap.
    I own a qnap too and I’m actually rsync my folders and files from Synology to Qnap (the integrated rsync solution does not feat to mi need as it produce embeded destination files wich I could not browse). Instead of that, I have a dedicated small virtual machine runing on xenserver doing the job.

    Anyone had a suggestion for reliable crashplan alternative?

  10. I saw a post somewhere about running CP in Docker on DSM6. That’s going to be my last try at sorting this BS out before I cancel.

  11. If you do a listing of the jar file, you’ll see that it no longer contains any *.jar or even a lang subfolder. sudo 7z l /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/upgrade/1435813200470_317.jar

    My jar no longer exists so I can’t even troubleshoot this anymore. Does anyone know the url that crashplan uses to download the updates?

  12. Uninstalled and reinstalled everything from the beginning, but still having the same issue where CrashPlan restarts every three minutes without backing up any files. Any thoughts?

    Unfortunately, my NAS won’t support Docker.

  13. On april 18th I asked Idrive support when they support PPC based Synology NAS. The anser was with 2-3 weeks. I Will buy the service From them when they do.

  14. Last night I installed Docker with crashplan. It went fairly well, but I did not add the volumes correctly for the first scan. I rescanned, and then forced a backup which was really a check that took 3 hours. I can vouch that the 1515+ is indeed compatible with the Docker configuration. However, not sure how it will do when upgrades role out. Tonight I plan to add cloud sync to amazon cloud storage, and see how well that goes. We still have a few days before crashplan eliminates pro-rated refunds. Part of me believes that crashplan enjoys us leaving, we are likely the highest consuming home customers. I heard that backblaze b2 had a docker image. Has anyone tried that configuration?

  15. Idrive looks cool if you stay under 1To.
    I currently have 3To to backup and it’s far more expensive than Crashplan

  16. The only reason I’m still sticking with Crashplan is because of its unlimited storage and file versioning. Does Amazon cloud support file versioning? Or is there a way to support file versioning with a rsync server?

  17. I believe Amazon Cloud Storage could handle versioning, if the Synology was backing up rather than syncing. If the connection was through Hyper Backup, I think you would be fine, but Hyper Backup does not currently support Amazon Cloud Storage. Some people have suggested a unidirectional sync using Cloud Sync, but not sure how that helps with versioning.

  18. I am looking at Rackspace at the moment and their storage solution does seem fairly good in terms of pricing. Hyper Backup will manage versioning.

  19. Rackspace looks like it is $0.1/GB/Month plus 10 bucks for the server? Sounds reasonable for a business, but seems very expensive for home backups of photos and taxes. I paid 189.99 for 4 years of unlimited backups at crashplan. Rackspace would be 50 to 60 dollars per month for my current storage needs.

  20. I think I am in the same boat as many people here. I have a backup of 1435813200370_317.jar but it looks like there are no .jar files. I am on a DS that doesn’t support docker. So I can go with unidirectional sync and lose versioning or go with a much more expensive alternative with the existing hyper backup targets. Right now I backup about 1.5TB and am looking for any alternative that can give me versioning, something under $250/yr and file restores from a standard browser or mobile. Seems like some of the hyper backup targets only really support restores from hyper backup. Has anyone either gotten 4.6 to work and/or found a decent priced alternative?

  21. I ran this commands and after that CrashPlan 4.7.0 started running again:

    cd /var/packages/CrashPlan/target
    cat upgrade.cpi | gzip -d -c – | /volume1/@appstore/CrashPlan/bin/cpio -i –no-preserve-owner

  22. I also tried the docker setup. The first thing it did when it started was… upgrade 4.6.0 (from the docker image) to 4.7.0. No idea why, but it worked without any intervention.
    The only thing that took me some time, was to correctly add the right volumes to be backed up to the docker container.

  23. I get the same issue as ‘BroFist’ i ran the 7zip command and got the :

    Files: 0
    Size: 0
    Compressed: 47456700

    Error and now there is no jar file in my “/var/packages/CrashPlan/target/upgrade” path even if i uninstall and reinstall via the DSM UI.

    Thanks. Alex

  24. microkid, I get gzip: –.gz: No such file or directory when I run cat upgrade.cpi | gzip -d -c -– | /volume1/@appstore/CrashPlan/bin/cpio -i –no-preserve-owner

    Is there something I am missing?

  25. I think Code42 *may* have pulled the 4.7.0 update or superseded it.

    After retrying for 2 days for some reason, it’s back working again and backing up but hasn’t self-updated.

    I could be wrong, but I’ll let it complete the current backup before restarting it again.

  26. DSM 6, update 7 self installed last night. Docker seems to have restarted properly. I am still able to connect from Windows 10 client. I still fear crashplan complaining of an old kernel, but until amazon cloud storage is supported in hyper backup, I am stuck.

  27. acn, just tried Suggestion 1 from that post but no luck. Suggestion 2 is what I originally tried and got that error message. Any other ideas?

  28. I’m getting closer. 4.7.0 now seems to be running in Synology and when I go to the Crashplan website and log-in I can see that it’s 100% backed up and it last connected 1 minute ago. That’s good!

    Unfortunately, I can no longer access via the client in Windows 10. Here’s what I always do after CrashPlan updates and it’s always worked. Not this time though. Any suggestions are welcome:

    1. Uninstall CrashPlan from Windows 10.
    2. Delete the c:\programdata\crashplan directory.
    3. Restart Windows 10.
    4. Reinstall CrashPlan 4.5.0 client for Windows.
    5. Restart Windows 10.
    6. Edit and save c:\programdata\crashplan\.ui_info with the proper guid from the Synology version of .ui_info and the IP of my Synology NAS.
    7. Launch CrashPlan 4.5.0 in Windows 10.

    I’ve repeated the above steps several times with no luck. Should I use a different version of the Windows client? Is more editing required of files on my Windows 10 machine? Something else?

    Almost there…

    Thanks in advance.


  29. iversonic, did you update the headless key in your local .ui_info (see steps above)? I can get it running and connect but it never starts the backup. The website also shows 100% and connected 1 minute ago but that is not accurate. Just means the last time it did 100% and it connected when the server started. Cannot figure out how to get it to actually kickoff the backup. I am not seeing the scanning steps that happen after connecting with the previous upgrades.

  30. Dan B – yes, I updated the .ui_info on the Windows 10 machine with the key that’s returned “cat /var/lib/crashplan/.ui_info ; echo” with a SSH connection to the Synology machine. Does the ui_*.properties file need updating on the Windows machine? What version of the client do you use on your Windows machine?

    Thanks – Mark

  31. I haven’t changed the ui properties file since the last time – still has the ip address and port of my DSM. In my case the port was 4243 – unchanged. I am running 4.6 (64-bit) on the desktop – cannot find a place to download 4.7 which is odd that the server and desktop is out of sync, version wise.

  32. I find that updating the client key in a windows environment works well from notepad++. I execute as admin, makes changes, save, then right click on that tab and set as admin read only. Stays fixed thru updates and reboots.

  33. the token file was previously in var/lib/crashplan. The new 4.7.0 update does not have that file structure and I cannot find that file anywhere. Can someone let me know where it is. Installed on both synology boxes to test and although it is running, I cannot find this information. The myservicefile xml file also shows blank values for the ip address and new 4246 and 4247 ports.

  34. Somehow I managed to get CrashPlan 4.6 running, but I cannot connect to it via a client. I could be because under “Auto Updates” I checked “Only packages below”, though CrashPlan is grayed out so it doesn’t seem like it would make a difference. In any case, the system hasn’t tried to upgrade to 4.7 since I did that yesterday.

    Before the update to 4.7 I connected from a version 4.5.0 client on my Windows 10 machine without a problem. However, I can now no longer connect. I’ve attempted fresh installs of CrashPlan on the client, reinstalled Windows, and double-checked .ui_info edits enough times that I’m convinced I’m doing it right.

    I finally inspected some log files and found the following in /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/log/service.log.0:

    “GeneralSecurityException: finalizeExchange, remote client likely has an invalid PbK”. There are also a lot of “javax.crypto.BadPaddingException” errors.

    Unfortunately this is out of my scope of knowledge, though it sounds like a Java issue. The version of Java run is version 7 and running “which java” in an SSH connection returns “/var/packages/Java7/target/j2sdk-image/bin/java”

    Any thoughts about this? It seems the problem is on the Synology side and not the client (Windows 10 in my case) side.
    As usual, thanks in advance! – Mark

  35. Yep 1435813200470_317.jar has totally hosed the CP on Synology DSM 6. It even says that the Java version is incompatible so it tried to download its own embedded version and then promptly dies. tried numerous things and just can’t get it to work. Any help would be awesome!

  36. I fixed mine by extracting the update.cpi that was in the update jar. file using 7zip then copying those contents in to the target directory of the fresh install of CP and before it ever ran the update.. was able to restart and connect to it again. Crossing fingers

  37. To me, this constant fixing is not sustainable, except perhaps from a hobbyist’s perspective (which I am, but can’t be as a profession). I chose sometime ago to mount the Synology shares on my Mac Mini and run CrashPlan+ to back up everything up (4TB). It is fully backed up, although the initial upload took an inordinate amount of time to complete. But never once have I had to worry about a CrashPlan or Synology update breaking things. Going to try and implement this at a few sites.

  38. Scott, I could always get 4.7 to start just not to actually initiate a backup. Are you backups back running on 4.7? I am ready to leave synology as soon as I find another cost effective option. iDrive official supports Synology but the cost to backup a couple of TB is much more. Same with the existing Hyper Backup targets so I may have to go the Mac Mini route as well…

  39. I did what Scott did (extract the contents of the jar and then the upgrade.cpi and then copied the files to the CP install directory), and it seems to be working for me as well.

  40. I’ve been playing this game with Crashplan for too long. I really liked the simplicity of this solution but I agree with Nathan, this is getting old. Every time either Crashplan or my DSM update, this solution crashes. It takes hours to fix, and I need another PC to fix it. Sometimes I don’t have the time to return to fix it for weeks or months. Leaving me without a backup for too long.

    What is the point of having a headless solution when you need another PC ready to go to fix this at anytime.

    I also agree with Dennis. I’m looking into the Amazon Cloud too.

    Beber75, I agree with the cost consideration too. All the other Synology backup options were too expensive. A-Cloud is $60 unlimited for the year. This is the same cost as CrashPlan, and it’s with Amazon. Since it only works with the CouldSync package, it is 2 way.

    Personally I wish that SugaySync would support the DSM, but it does not.

  41. Got 4.7.0 running and it’s backing up again after some trial and error. Needed to reinstall the Crashplan package, Stop and start about three times before it kept running. Adjustedthe JAVA location in install.vars. Also don’t forget to manually add the line with USR_MAX_HEAP=xxxxM variable in :/var/packages/CrashPlan/target/syno_package.vars once that that file is back again after reinstallation. The Windows client 4.7.0 is also different. After adjusting .ui_info and the client wanted my login credentials of the Crashplan account this time. After login it sees the synology configuration again. Does not show the bandwidth statistics anymore. Too bad,. 4.6.0 was a good improvement, I got 20Mb upload speed on large files, amazing improvement. Now I don’t see how much I get with 4.7.0 not even clicking on the i for more details. Anyway, we wait for the next crash and next fix we need to figure out. The fix is always slightly different to keep us sharp…

  42. Dan B,

    Yes mine is uploading nicely. Since it went down last week I had over 120GB not in the cloud! Just make sure to increase your USR_MAX_HEAP again after copying the files over. I have over 4Tb in the cloud so I set mine to 3500 otherwise it will crash and burn every few mins.

    Also, Don’t forget to get the new id from the file to use to connect to it from your client.

    I agree that this is sorta crazy that CP doesn’t support something like this. I have no room to have yet another computer in my office to just backup my NAS drive (WHICH IS A COMPUTER) and I really don’t want the process running on my work horse. I did that for years and it was just not ideal.

  43. Gee, this is getting old… I’m sick of these CrashPlan updates, it’s always such a time waste ^^
    Guys, if you find other backup solutions and are able to make it work with large backup sets, then don’t hesitate to share ;-)

    I have about 8TB to back up.

  44. I’m trying Azure Back-up. My Syno is backing up at this moment. All looks good and it seems faster too.

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