Apr 112005

Gorgeous weekend. Nice and sunny.

I’ve been thinking more and more about the PSP. If the keyboard turns out to be legit, and Sony lets people hack it, the PSP could be amazing. Surf the net, message, watch vids, play music, games, write notes, etc. The possibilities are endless. I would definitely buy one.

China + India = US hurting in 5-10.

Music I’ve been listening to
Beck/Guero. Good stuff. He seems to be throwing back to his Odelay days.

Doves/Some Cities. Similar to their last release. If you didn’t like them then, you won’t now. I liked them then, and like this album as well.

Ian Broudie/Tales Told. I knew next to nothing about the guy, but it turns out he has been all over the music world for a long time. His album is different than his other works. Slow and acoustic for the most part, but hard to place in a particular time period or style. Though I guess these days it would fall under the ‘indie’ umbrella. You have to be the right mood, but I like this album a lot.

New Gorillaz video (windows) is up, I can’t wait for the new album.

Moby/Hotel. The big reason I liked his previous stuff was the incredible voice tracks he managed to find. However, in this album it is mostly him on voice. It doesn’t have the same impact. Just OK.

Thievery Corporation/The Outernational Sound/The Cosmic Game. I enjoy all of the corp’s music and sources, so it only makes sense that I like these two.

The Divine Comedy/Absent Friends. I liked Regeneration, and this album is good as well. I have no idea if it is intentional, but the first 1:15 of the second track, Sticks & Stones, is a total rip-off of the 12 Monkeys soundtrack. The violins, bass, organ, and clicks are too close to count as a coincidence.

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