Doves, annoying people

I am trying to enjoy the new Doves album. At this point it is more of an attempt to drown out the constant vocalizations of a coworker. This guy does nothing but talk all day. It doesn’t even matter if no one listens, he just talks. Ahhhrgg! Incredibly annoying when you are trying to concentrate. It prompted the following discussion:

Chris: He has no redeeming qualities. Send him to the rendering plant.
Jimmy: He looks a little chewy to me.
Chris: Fine.
Chris: Send him to the gelatin plant.
Jimmy: he looks like hand soap to me
Chris: All that connective tissue would make a mean multilayer Jell-O.
Chris: Definitely enough protein to support pieces of mandarin orange.
Chris: Or pineapple. If you are one of those people.

I’ve been meaning to finish writing about NY, but keep getting bogged down in other stuff. Might get to it later today.

This is a great idea, sightseeing with google maps.

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