Unfortunately, this photoshop from Boing Boing sums it all up:
bush disaster relief

On a supposed to be funny note, I saw over at San Diego Blog that San Diego has its very own satirical news site, This is good to see, and they have done a great job so far, really solid stuff. Hell, their t-shirts are even good: “My second mortgage is bigger than yours

This is sort of funny to see. A friend had been talking about doing something like this for a long time. But as usual, we were distracted by something shiny and forgot all about it. I did find a sample story I had done to get an idea of what it would look like though:

Pronunciation Ignored at Local Taco Shop – Jay Blank’s perfect accent when ordering was seemingly unnoticed by a taco shop employee sources reported late Tuesday night. “I don’t get it” said Mr. Blank. “I ordered a Chili Verde Burrito combo, number 4, and made sure I used proper pronunciation En EspaƱol. That means, ‘in Spanish'” he explained. “But I could have said chilly verdy for all that guy cared”

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