Headed up the 395 to Burning Man

We are all packed up and hitting the long road up to Burning Man from San Diego. The plan is to do the 395 route, a bit longer, but much more scenic, and arrive in Reno tonight. A quick shopping trip and we should be on the playa for Friday until late Sunday night. If they have enough bandwidth, you can see a streaming video of Burning Man from the top of Center Camp.

On the way up 395 we are hoping to stop in at the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forrest, home to the oldest living thing on the earth (Methuselah, 4,751 years old). We wanted to check out the area last year, but ended up doing side trips for the Tufa of Mono Lake and the ghost town of Bodie instead. Both were great, but this year, it is the time to check out the pines.

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