Peñíscola, Spain

March 20 & 21, 2007

Peñíscola, Spain Peñíscola, Spain Peñíscola, Spain
Photos of Peñíscola, Spain

After our mountain drive we headed up the coast for Peñíscola. Yes, Colan has run through every possible combination of joke on that one. We probably should have called ahead – a lot of the hotels were closed for the season. A bit of a ghost town now, but clearly this place is hopping in the summer. The and the number of cranes rivals that of downtown San Diego. We checked in to a generic hotel on the beach and admired the castle in between eye-fulls of blowing sand. There is a reason why the surrounding hills sometimes spot new white windmills.

The fortress and the old town were well worth the visit. We arrived before they opened (low season hours) and had a bit of time to have the place almost to ourselves before the tour groups started to show up. The views are amazing – definitely worth the tiny entrance fee.

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