Morella and Tarragona, Spain

March 21, 2007

Morella, Spain Morella, Spain Morella, Spain
Photos of Morella, Spain

After visiting Peñíscola, we headed inland on some secondary roads to Morella. The winding roads brought us high into the hills. It was 15C on the coast, but 4C in the hills, with a lot of wind and a few snow flakes. The town, cathedral, aqueduct, city walls, and high perched castle made it all worth while. Though a small town now, it was definitely a very powerful place at one time. The fortress is a hike to the very top of town and around the rock formations and walls. The history and views will make the motivation for the climb very easy.

Tarragona, Spain Tarragona, Spain Tarragona, Spain
Photos of Tarragona, Spain

Frozen out, we headed back to the coast and up to Tarragona. It seemed like an interesting town, but we arrived just minutes too late in the day to go in many of the tour sites. Walking around at dusk we still had a good look at the plazas, churches, and the Roman amphitheater. We crashed at a hotel in town to head to Barcelona early the next day.

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