Dec 262003

I was told about the Iran quake by a friend this morning. I looked in the paper, nothing. I watched 30 minutes of CNN, nothing. I went to bbc news online and finally found some information. The story came up on CNN after 40 minutes, and didn’t even seem to be a headline story. What were headline stories? A man killing his two kids, a mudslide, GI’s attacked, and what the president did for christmas. Oh, and he is monitoring terror reports. Guess I am confused as to what news is.

Christmas was good. I spent it with Anna Goss’ familly in Oceanside. Ate too much, but had fun. Since it is on my mind (I did some ‘COMPUTAR TEk WERK’ for people at christmas), anyone running windows should really download, install, run the update, and do a scan of adaware. The amount of malicious software out there is insane.

The Christmas truce.
New pictures every week from Drew Perkowski. Some nice photos.
Interesting flash site.
Voice over IP info for people wanting to check it out for home.
Weaker clean air rules blocked. Cool.

Dec 182003

Wow – 9/11 Chair: Attack Was Preventable. I didn’t think that this would ever come out. I want to see someone run a comercial showing this. More here.

A widely publicized Iraqi document that purports to show that September 11 hijacker Mohammed Atta visited Baghdad in the summer of 2001 is probably a fabrication that is contradicted by U.S. law-enforcement records showing Atta was staying at cheap motels and apartments in the United States. Isn’t it just lovely that all this information comes out now?

Nice: U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson said Monday the Bush administration last year told him and other senators that Iraq not only had weapons of mass destruction, but they had the means to deliver them to East Coast cities.

Dec 102003

This morning I heard that Albertson and Ralph’s (two of the tree grocery stores that are on strike) profits were down 50%. Most people are going other places it seems.

Anyway, I went to whole foods (grocery store) to buy some flowers for Anna Goss (had a successful surgery and is at home now). There was no one at the flower area (store is always busy b/c of the strikes), so I was grabbing whatever I liked. During this time a man with a christmas poinsettia in his hand walked by, demanded “Get me a good one”, and pointed behind the counter. Before I could say anything he disappeared into the rest of the store. He came back a moment later and did the same thing. He came back with a cashier and said the same thing. This time he actually stuck around. So I replied, ‘Sorry, but I don’t work here’.

He got angry with me. ‘What do you mean? What are you doing here then!’. Me: ‘Uh, helping myself’. He didn’t seem to like that answer. He was onto my scheme of posing as an employee in order to be rudely ordered around. I guess I need to find another way to get my sicko kicks.

RIAA gets a new head.
Walmart jam, I love it.
This seems like an Onion article.
I love Monty Python.