Sep 082014

I was lucky to join in on a quick flight over San Diego county. We flew west to the ocean, roughly following HW 8, then north along the coast to Carlsbad before heading east to Escondido and then south to return to the airport. There was a bit of haze over the ocean, but the weather was generally good while I was snapping some photos:

North Bluff Preserve


Carlsbad suburbs

Escondido from the air


Oct 192013

I planted an eversweet pomegranate tree about a year ago in a very hot and sunny part of the yard. It seemed to enjoy it and the still small tree has produced 5 fruit this year. They are quite unique, I’ve never tasted any pomegranates like them – very sweet and delacate. The seeds are easy to extract and the juice doesn’t stain anything. I’m looking forward to more growth and harvests next year.

Eversweet Pomegranate fruit Eversweet Pomegranate fruit Eversweet Pomegranate fruit Young Eversweet Pomegranate tree

Jan 132012

The Examiner notes that this is the year work starts on a large number of changes to 25th street in Golden Hill, San Diego. I am looking forward to seeing the changes when completed, it will give the street much more pedestrian and tree-lined feel. The largest change looks to be a traffic circle instead of a 4 way stop on B Street. If done right it could make a lot of sense, I quite enjoy the changes made to Birdrock after the traffic circles there – the traffic flows better and it is a whole lot nicer to look at.

May 272011

Stone Brewing’s Escondido location is one our favorite places to spend an afternoon.  Located in a business park wasteland, the gardens and open air bistro are unexpected and delightful.  However, the hour drive to Escondido keeps us from going too often.  West Coaster covered what looks to be a large south bound expansion by Stone.  First they are opening a tasting/growler room in South Park, near The Station in about 30 days.  Next they have some ambitious plans for Liberty Station in 2012:

Stone Liberty Station will be a 20,000 sq. ft., 400-seat brewery/restaurant complete with bocce courts and an outdoor movie area. The new brewery/restaurant will have a 10-barrel brewing system, provide 130 new jobs, and is expected to open in late spring 2012. 40 taps, emphasizing local brands, will complement a ~100 ct. bottle list.

Dec 142010

SD Urban linked over to a story at SD Uptown News about the “Restoring the Magic” trolley project concept.  It seems like a great idea – bring back the old school trolley cars, run them downtown for a while and push the route up north to connect along some of the old San Diego Electric Railway lines. It is mind blowing that the zoo isn’t connected to the trolley, let alone Balboa Park or the beach. For a tourist city, we sure do make it hard for tourists to get around.

Anyone who has ever visited Trolley Barn Park in Normal Heights has probably thought about what the city would look like if the old street car lines still existed.  It is a shame that the move to buses and the Great American streetcar scandal killed all the infrastructure and investment in those old lines. Getting that infrastructure back will have a large cost, but seems worth it to me.

Jun 202010

jellyfish yukon Photos of pelagic invertebrates at the Yukon

Last weekend I did two dives on the Yukon with Pete, Paul, and Matt. I wasn’t expecting much, as the water can be green and brown this time of year. We were amazed by the water quality on the first dive. Though snowy, the water was very blue – it was like diving miles off shore.

The other thing that was very different was the amount of open water (pelagic) critters that were near the Yukon. You usually have to be miles off shore to see the types of invertebrates we saw on the wreck – salps and salp chains, fried egg jellyfish, and comb jellies. It was very interesting to see them all drift by, watching their mostly clear bodies feeding on phytoplankton.

It is amazing how much the ocean can change in an hour. The second dive was still good, but the water had turned from a deep ocean blue to a green hue. There were still a number of salps hanging around in the water column, but they were getting picked apart by blacksmith schools.

Aug 182009

yukon ruby e yukon ruby e yukon ruby e
2009.08.06 Diving Yukon and Ruby E

Heather, David, and I had some great dives on the Yukon and Ruby E at the start of the month. Visibility was the best I had seen on the Yukon and it was a lot of fun to explore.

avalon dive park avalon dive park avalon dive park
2009.08.14 Diving Avalon Dive Park

Adam, Paul, Pete, and I took off for some quick ferry diving at Avalon dive park. Our ghetto dive boxes with tank bands worked great.  I’ll post some photos at some point.  Visibility above 40 feet was great, deeper it was very cloudy. I got to meet Oscar, the huge sheephead. His size isn’t apparent in the photos, but he is a monster.