Review of alloyphoto’s Lightroom Gallery 3 Export Plug-in

I’ve been using Gallery (aka Menalto) for almost a decade, starting with Gallery1, now up to Gallery3 in the current release. In the early days the work-flow for adding and providing meta data about photos wasn’t so easy. That got better with Gallery Remote, which I used for many years. However, the Gallery Remote workflow […]

Backing up data on AWS EC2 Micro instances using the CrashPlan headless Linux client

I’ve been using a combination of scripts to do local backups on my Amazon EC2 micro instance I use to serve this website – AutoMySQL Backup and some cron jobs which ran rsync for various paths on a rotation. For example: This is frankly a pretty lazy way to do it. I’m not protected at […]

Adobe Lightroom beta 4

Adobe updated Lightroom to beta 4 a week back. I’ve been playing with it a bit so far, and they have definitely made some improvements. Since purchasing Pixmantec (and RawShooter code), Adobe has some new features in the develop module, like Recover and Fill Light. Recover is a highlight recovery tool, and Fill Light lets […]