Feb 232004

Awake early because of the 2 hour time difference and the sleeping schedule. The last 3 nights we were there we had a 5 am wake up call from a howler monkey. If you tried to make the loudest, deepest sound you could while breathing in you would have a decent idea of what it sounds like. The last night we were in a house on a hill, and the monkey was in the tree next to us. He called at 1, 4, and 5. Diurnal my ass. We hiked up to the top of the hill and watched the sun rise from an observation tower. Very beautiful. We got back to the house and Paul tried to imitate the howl. The monkey glared at us, shook his branch, pooped twice, howled, and ran away. At least he didn’t throw it.

-I’ve heard of this being done before, but never this size.
-Other people are picking up the climate change story. Fortune link with way more info from a few weeks back.
-Haha, I knew he would try. Arnold wants the US to change the constitution.
-Yikes, this bill looks fun. the common defense by requiring that all young persons in the United States, including women, perform a period of military service or a period of civilian service in furtherance of the national defense and homeland security, and for other purposes
-10k for saying you served with bush.
-Bush wants to make McD’s a ‘manufacturing job’ to change stats.
-What the hell were they thinking?

Feb 122004

I am starting to pack for Costa Rica, but keeping light. I decided to leave my snorkel stuff at home, as there are only a couple spots where it is decent in Costa Rica. I think I can rent some stuff if need be. Right now the plan is to head to Monteverde (cloud forest) and figure out where we want to go from there. The central coast (Manuel Antonio & others) and Osa Peninsula are looking like the likely targets.

-Did they “cleanse” Bush’s military files of embarrassing or incriminating documents? A former senior officer of the Texas Guard seems to think so.
-Wow, the press actually questions the crappy whitehouse answers. That has not happened in a long time.
More money fun, the U.S. military may run out of money for three months beginning Oct. 1.
-Saddam the druggie?
-John Kerry & an intern? Doesn’t look good.

Feb 062004

(+) Saw The Station Agent, liked it.

(++) Feb 1st. Met up with Randi (sister) and Jeff in Vegas, was good to see them and Vegas was fun.

(+) Feb 2nd. Bought ‘Alien Jerky’ and ate at ‘The Mad Greek’ in Baker on the way back from Vegas. Fun times. Harsh rain on the way back though.

(–) Feb 3rd. Got back to work and found out some people were ‘furloughed’ and other fun stuff.

(–) Feb 4th. Next day I was in Mex at the INS office getting my TN VISA. The appointment was 2 hours before they showed up to work, it took forever to get anything to happen, and the cash register broke for about an hour and a half. In short, the INS people are mad monkey drunk with power with a dash of lazy.

(–) Feb 5th. I got some shots for my trip to Costa Rica – was expecting a bill around 150, ended up with one at 415. Still not sure if it is an office screw up or my doctor not exactly disclosing things. Nice. Might have a small chance of getting some money back on bits of that though.

(-+) Feb 6th. Just paid 45 bucks in prescriptions for Costa Rica. At this point I would say I have spent more on medical stuff than the cost of getting to Costa Rica. Uhg. Might go see some music tonight.