The Case of the Missing Ancestor – The Denisovans

National Geographic has a great article on the discovery and further research related to our cousins the Denisovans. Everyone knows about the Neandarthals, and at this point I think most people know that large portions humans living today have some percentage of Neanderthal DNA. I was completely in the dark about the prospect of another […]

Facebook’s suggested gifts algorithm needs some work

Some good friends of ours recently had their first child and posted photos on Facebook. When viewing that post on the desktop version of Facebook it had a little ad which suggested giving a gift to them: I don’t think their suggested gifts algorithm is doing a good job of suggesting Fast & Furious 6 […]

Myelin regrown in multiple sclerosis models

Per the UT: “Ordinary skin cells have been directly converted into the myelinating cells destroyed in multiple sclerosis, according to two new papers in Nature Biotechnology. This has huge potential and I really hope the research progresses well – MS is one of those diseases where there haven’t been a lot of breakthroughs yet. It […]