Feb 062004

(+) Saw The Station Agent, liked it.

(++) Feb 1st. Met up with Randi (sister) and Jeff in Vegas, was good to see them and Vegas was fun.

(+) Feb 2nd. Bought ‘Alien Jerky’ and ate at ‘The Mad Greek’ in Baker on the way back from Vegas. Fun times. Harsh rain on the way back though.

(–) Feb 3rd. Got back to work and found out some people were ‘furloughed’ and other fun stuff.

(–) Feb 4th. Next day I was in Mex at the INS office getting my TN VISA. The appointment was 2 hours before they showed up to work, it took forever to get anything to happen, and the cash register broke for about an hour and a half. In short, the INS people are mad monkey drunk with power with a dash of lazy.

(–) Feb 5th. I got some shots for my trip to Costa Rica – was expecting a bill around 150, ended up with one at 415. Still not sure if it is an office screw up or my doctor not exactly disclosing things. Nice. Might have a small chance of getting some money back on bits of that though.

(-+) Feb 6th. Just paid 45 bucks in prescriptions for Costa Rica. At this point I would say I have spent more on medical stuff than the cost of getting to Costa Rica. Uhg. Might go see some music tonight.

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