Jul 272004

Ophelia Rising – A co-worker of mine has done a lot of sewing over the the past year for an art project; a history of women’s clothing. It is presented at Art Produce Gallery, 3139 University Ave. The opening is Aug 14, 6-9 pm (in conjuction with Ray at Night)

The insanity continues: $580,670 Median House Price in San Diego

Free Speech Behind the Razor Wire. I predict cage matches.

Jul 252004

I’ve been working like a dog lately, so I haven’t posted much.

This morning I woke up to the sound of a hound trying to climb a pomegranate tree. Yeah.. My windows look out to pomegranate tree and a roof that is home to a feral cat with 4 kittens. The dog decided it wanted to play, but didn’t do so well with the tree. It got stuck and had to be rescued.

New Orleans was a great trip, 100F 100% humidity wasn’t as bad as I thought. Fantastic street music there – everything from traditional blues to 9 piece brass. Amazing food, and great people. I would like to go back during the blues fest or something like that.. Pretty sure I couldn’t handle Mardi Gras. I posted some pictures and will try to do some text with them today.

New Orleans storytime: A couple asked a guy playing a guitar on the street where they could find House of Blues… “Shit, why do you want to go to Disneyland? This is the blues, man. I’m the house of blues!” Haha.

Well, Lance won the Le Tour again. I heard on the radio the other day that his heart pumps around 6gal/minute. That’s about the same as your local gas pump. I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but there are mutants among us.

Biometrics coming soon to a passport near you. When I came back from Costa Rica in Feb I had to have my picture taken and my fingerprints scanned, apparently they scan them against criminal databases and terrorist watch lists. Can’t say I feel comforted. I wonder how many criminals have prints within 99% of mine. Won’t that be a fun adventure?

Jul 092004

Great, I am getting Iraqi reconstruction spam. Hurray for war profiteering. ‘War profiteering’, isn’t that redundant?

Oh how nice! Pentagon: Bush Military Records Destroyed

Bush has declined invitations in each year of his presidency — becoming the first president since Herbert Hoover not to attend an NAACP convention.

The amendment appeared on its way to victory as the roll call’s normal 15-minute time limit expired, but GOP leaders kept the vote open for about 20 more minutes as they persuaded about 10 Republicans who initially supported the provision to change their votes. Patriot Act Wins House Vote

Remember how Florida won’t recount electronic voting machines? Well, it looks like the machines have some major problems.

GOP helping out Nader again.

Interesting read at Slate: The real reason to oppose the minimum wage.

The World Court said Israel’s barrier in the West Bank should be torn down and called on the United Nations Friday to stop a project it said had illegally imposed hardship on thousands of Palestinians. “tantamount to annexation” Guess who Israel is going to ask to veto all of this stuff? And people wonder why they think of the US and Isreal as the same thing.

CNBC looks at the next wave of airline bankruptcies

Why your electricity bills are soaring – You are using more, and it is deregulated. Thank god the free market fixes everything, haha. We need to look into efficient electronics before we start to think of using solar.

Should science tell the truth? You’d think that question would need no answer. But in the vortex known as Washington, DC, the obvious too often gets bent.

Wired takes a look at Alberta’s oil sands.

Harlem of the West: Historic Downtown San Diego Community

Jul 082004

Well I am completely moved over to Firefox. With these plugins, Firefox is the best thing out there.

1)Adblock kills most ads (default adblock script)
2)Bugmenot for all the sites that want registration
3)DictionarySearch for right click searches of your choice
4)IEView for the extremely rare page that only wants IE (windowsupdate for example)
5)GMailCompose for all the Gmail users out there

I’m hooked.

The New Republic has learned that Pakistani security officials have been told they must produce ‘High Value Targets’ by the election.

Wired takes a look at contractors & Iraq: The role of private companies in Iraq has been widely reported. What hasn’t gotten so much play is that, taken as a whole, contractors make up the second-largest armed force there, after the US military. Although this “army” is mostly on the Pentagon’s payroll for now, it doesn’t fly any flag or belong to any state. It’s a multiethnic, for-profit, postnational force, and its sole agenda is to mind the bottom line. It has no incentive to stand down as long as there’s money to be made. It’s not afraid of terrorists, and whatever passes for an Iraqi government in the future will likely live at its mercy. Coalition of the Billing

Voting rights groups sued Florida election administrators on Wednesday to overturn a rule that prohibits manual recounting of ballots cast with touch-screen machines, a lawsuit with echoes of the state’s disputed 2000 presidential election voting.

About damned time: Newly created military tribunals will review the legal status of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and advise them that they can challenge their detention in US federal court, senior US officials said. How can the US expect other people to obey laws, when it doesn’t follow its own?

Ah yes: Ridge says al Qaeda planning attack in an effort to disrupt the democratic process.

Looks like the French Pox may be back: Antibiotic-resistant strain of syphilis is spreading

Lastly, Evilbible.com – your source for all the old testament wackiness.