Oct 252004

I had wavefront LASIK done on Friday morning. It was an interesting experience. They gave me one last check out, then I got to wear a fancy hair net and take a valium and a vicodin. My metabolism is painfully slow, that turned out to be a literally true. When I went into surgery the eye clamps hurt a lot and I got pretty nervous – so the vicodin and the valium weren’t quite doing their jobs. If I had to do it again I would ask for a double dose and wait longer to go in. Anyway, after they got me all clamped in the gave me a topical for my eyes. They waited a little bit then the knife machinery made a flap in the front of my eye. They lifted the flap, gave it a squirt, then started up the laser. Can’t really tell what is going on when the laser is working. Lot of noise, light, and a burning smell. Didn’t take long, then they gave my eye another squirt and put the flap back in place. Then repeated for the other eye.

I got to wear some funky bug eye looking things for that day and at night for this week. Eye drops 4 times a day and all that jazz. As of Sat I was almost 20/15 in my left eye, and not quite 20/20 in my right. However, the eyes go up and down while they are healing. Today my left eye is pretty blurry, my right is doing much better. So who knows. Everything bright has a slight ghosting to it, that should go away as I heal though.