INS pain – chris nelson dot ca
Jan 192005

The INS, sorry, USCIS, accepted our paperwork and our money. So I guess that’s a good thing. I have a fancy employment card, a travel document on the way (4-6 weeks), digital fingerprinting at the end of the month, and an interview in 6-8 months (though if I was a betting man I would say 8+). All for a super steal of a deal – $910. Ouch. That hurts. I don’t even get a free potato peeler. That price hurts for me, but how would someone on a low income ever manage it?

I went out for a morning run on Monday, fantastic weather we are having. I like the mild Santa Anas – not too dry, but it clears everything up. I did a run through Florida canyon, up around the end of the golf course, and through the other canyons in South Park on my way back to Golden Hill. The rains have made it a really nice run. There were so many bees on trees and shrubs that they almost had a harmonic quality to their shake.

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