Feb 012005

I get digitally fingerprinted at the “Application Support Center” today as part of the change of status paperwork. Seventy five bucks. Someone has to be making money off this. Bit strange really. I mean, they have my photograph and fingerprint from the last 3 years of TN-1 visas, as well as when I came back from Costa Rica and then again from Peru. Something makes me think homeland security is not quite as integrated as the name suggests.

Someone must stop the moleskine insanity. What is in the water? Fan sites, hacks? People, this is a notebook. Nothing more. No, Hemingway and Van Gogh did not use the same notebook as you. This company started in 1994, in Italy, not France. Your writings will not be better when you put them in this notepad. I should know, Anna bought me one for travel two years ago. It was on sale, because no one was buying them. Funny how things change.

To me, it all just shows how desperate modern society is to belong. Simple things become tiny gods (iPod, I’m looking at you) in the rush to belong. I suppose one could argue that the moleskine is the result of people rejecting the push to digital. But I think the real question is, how should modern society fill the tribal void we seem to be missing?

Interesting article at the UT about Friends of San Diego Architecture finishing the awards for “Accessory Dwelling Units: Inspired Solutions for Our Community”. In other words, granny flats. Looks like they have some really good ideas and are hoping to convince SD city council that loosening the requirements on the flats can help out with the housing crisis. All the power to them, current regulations are insane.