Aug 172005

Better extremely late than never, right? I finally finished adding comments to all of my photos from three weeks in Peru last December.

I also put up some random photos of last Sunday.

I haven’t been happy with the RSS album feeds from Gallery, and Oso’s question sent me digging for info. You have to display full albums with gallery, and there seems to be no way to list by upload date, or limit the number of photos returned. After fighting with trying to configure gallery’s RSS files, I found a better way – someone else had already done it. Jeff of rewrote the rss.php of Gallery to produce an RSS feed of individual photos (not albums), sorted by upload date (not last-modified).

I wanted to add it as an additional feed to Gallery, but it wasn’t going to happen easily. Gallery doesn’t let your templates access the head, so you have to mod the code, and re-mod every time there is an update. With a new release coming up, I wasn’t game to bother with that, so I just replaced the entire feed with this new one. It is based on earlier versions of gallery, but seems to be working so far. Please let me know if you have any problems with the new feed.

I also have been toying with the Album list from discobug. There is no way to kill off the highlight pictures on the main page of gallery, so it isn’t easy to do an album list without using a lot of bandwidth and screen real-estate. I loaded the file up here, but have yet to do much other than format it. I will probably put it in as a link within Gallery, so people can view the albums (and timeline, though I have to fix some of the albums) without painfully clicking through the list.

Update: This is no longer working with my move to Gallery2

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