Jan 242006

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Technomania Circus Technomania Cirucs Technomania Circus

Saturday night rolled around, and I headed south into Barrio Logan to check out Jimmy & Co (aka Bologna Ponies) play. After their burlesque show appearance in North Park, they had been asked to play at the Technomania Circus. Their punchy-sideshow sound fits well with the circus.

I really didn’t have any clue about the Technomania Circus, despite it being only 12 blocks from my house, and in existence for some time. Hell, a lot of the people involved are burners, or part of the Xara Project. I can only plead ignorance.

So what the hell is Technomania Circus? Well.. think of a heavily Burning Man influenced circus, but in some guys backyard. Its kind of weird. Yes, I do mean back yard. You have to sign a waver when you go, because if some flaming sword stabs your leg, they don’t have insurance for you. Hah.

Despite its humble appearance, it really is a lot of fun. Gags, freaks, acrobats, robots with fire. The circus has what you have been missing in life. I had a great time. If you go, dress warm, as its all outdoors. I just about froze my ass off wearing a hoody.

Update: I probably won’t be back to check out their quite freaky adult show on Feb 18th. “Extreme sideshow acts, suspension artists” – i.e. meat hooks & human flesh are the milder parts of this show. They are really going to push the shock envelope. More than likely it is going to be too much for even me, and I’m pretty unflappable. A much better bet is to wait until their March show.