Apr 102006

HR 4437 protest march HR 4437 protest march HR 4437 protest march

Billed as The March for Dignity, Respect and Hope, Sunday’s march was huge. It depends on who you ask, but the range seems to be 50-100k people. As expected, there were a lot of separate agendas on display – pinche bush, no borders, legalize everyone, random religious messages, etc. But everyone seemed to agree that criminalizing undocumented immigrants was a bad idea, and that worker programs are in need of an upgrade.

Anna, Phil, and I headed up to 6th and Laurel to meet up with the start of the march. The march headed down 6th to Broadway, then Broadway to Pacific Highway to the County Building, where they had a rally deal set up. It was staggering to see this many people. An hour after we arrived at the County Building, people were still lined up Broadway. Completely peaceful, clean (no litter), and relatively well managed. They could have done a better job with traffic and porta potties, but I think they were overwhelmed by the turnout. Overall, an amazing success for the organizers.