Mar 182007

A few days in Spain and I’ve already hit my meat and starch wall. I’ve been snarfing down the oranges from the hotel lobby, but I finally went to a supermercado last night and picked up a bunch of fruit. They had the largest fuji apples I’ve ever seen, I’m crunching one the size of a child’s head for breakfast.

We’ve been in Valencia for a couple days for Falles. It has been a hell of a party so far. It is amazing how many people participate in the festival. Will write and post photos later, there is more of the city to explore for now.

  2 Responses to “In Valencia”

  1. Sounds like you’re have a great time – and I’m only a little bit jealous… I seem to live my life through that of others… Stay safe and say hello to your wife and the kids (Colan & Pete)

  2. Hey wait, I thought you were the parent? Or that´s what Stu thought anyway. Happy easter! See you out back in the yard. Bring lumber.

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