Mar 282007

I think we picked the perfect time to visit. It has been mostly sunny, with a few rain patches. The fruit trees are blooming, and everything is green.

We spent our last two days in Rome exploring more of the ancient ruins, the Vatican, and the Basilica. We are a bit church and bloody-Jesus fatigued, but still really enjoyed our time there. It is easy to see why there are crowds and lines, even in the lower season.

It seemed like every block you walked down had an old and slightly different, but impressive, cathedral or piazza. It is staggering to think how many loads of marble or rock have made their way to this city. As with most ancient sites, there is always a little heart break that go with them. Older sites were mined for their marble or vandalized. Other treasures were just plain plundered from other lands. Our capacity for creation is only matched by our capacity for destruction.

Overall though, the city is in amazing shape. I’m sure a significant chunk of money has gone into restoring and cleaning sites, but with the amount of cash this city must take in, I’m sure there is plenty left over.

We are on the ES* train, headed towards Florence…

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