Jul 142008

This is a much delayed dive report. On the 4th of July Adam and I headed out on our first trip with the Marissa to the Yukon and the Lazy Days wrecks. I liked them and will be back. The only minor complaint I had was that it can be a very crowded boat for gearing up as everyone is on a single tank. Everything else about the charter was great – food, crew, and operation were all top class.

I’m beginning to know the outside of the Yukon like the back of my hand. There was a layer of green muck from 20-50′, but it cleared up nicely under that on the wreck. It was the first time since last year I could actually go out on the sand and take some shots of the wreck. Now I can only wish for some blue water instead. I tried some B&W photos to avoid the messy color space issues.

I had never been on the Lazy Days wreck, mostly because the Marisa crew had found it just a few months earlier. It seems to be the popular spot to head to these days, but I hope it doesn’t get too chewed up by the crowds. The wreck is broken up over a stretch of sand that leads to the edge of a kelp bed and some nice boulders. There is a nice mix of sea life here that makes for a nice dive. Visibility was also decent here, though more light was getting through the bloom.