May 272011

Stone Brewing’s Escondido location is one our favorite places to spend an afternoon.  Located in a business park wasteland, the gardens and open air bistro are unexpected and delightful.  However, the hour drive to Escondido keeps us from going too often.  West Coaster covered what looks to be a large south bound expansion by Stone.  First they are opening a tasting/growler room in South Park, near The Station in about 30 days.  Next they have some ambitious plans for Liberty Station in 2012:

Stone Liberty Station will be a 20,000 sq. ft., 400-seat brewery/restaurant complete with bocce courts and an outdoor movie area. The new brewery/restaurant will have a 10-barrel brewing system, provide 130 new jobs, and is expected to open in late spring 2012. 40 taps, emphasizing local brands, will complement a ~100 ct. bottle list.

May 252011

Given the continued coverage of crimes it is sometimes easy to forget we are very lucky.  As reported this morning, murder and other crime continues to drop in California and around the world.  In fact, if you look at crime from a historical perspective, we are really the luckiest people that have ever lived, and things are only getting better.  Steven Pinker’s TED talk on the myth of violence does a great job showing how we are living in the most peaceful time in our species’ existence.