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Dec 262013

Princess Juliana International Airport SXM (aka Sint Maarten International Airport) has a runway which approaches over the ocean. The end of the runway is several feet from a short and steep beach, Maho. This combination leads to a lot of plane watching as the lumbering giants pass very close to the beach before touching down. We spent a few hours here at Sunset, where in between caribbean music sets from a local band they play air traffic controller traffic. The above photos and video are from my phone, I’ll update later with ones taken from my SLR.

Dec 262013


We have been here for less than a day but I thought I would write some first impressions to look back and likely see how wrong I was. Like most nations in the area, development has been a it ramshackle – beautiful in some spots and seeming lacking proper sewer lines in others. The weather has been lovely thus far, a nice temperature and humidity.

We were eaten up by mosquitoes at dinner last night, which makes one worry about chickungunya – apparently making the rounds. Time will tell how large a threat it is, for now we will stay vigilant with insect repellent.