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Jan 312005

A lot of people died, but it is good to see around 60% of Iraq has an ink stained finger. Though it looks like turnout in the predominantly Sunni areas is low.

Finally killed all the bugs left in the system here at the office, I think. Doing a network rewire and a server reorg is always fun. You just never know what interesting problem is going to crop up. I was mostly trouble free though. I still want a sunny day in exchange. I did manage to get a bit of sun at the beach yesterday with the P’s & dog.

Anna and I were tossing around the idea of driving up to San Louis Obispo on Thursday for the farmer’s market and some camping. After finally seeing Sideways on Friday, that plan will probably cement a bit more. I though the movie was great. It was fun to see a movie feature a place you know well. “Hey! I’ve been tasting there!” I have no idea how Paul Giamatti didn’t get nominated for best actor. Depp was good in Neverland, but Giamatti did such a better job, with a much harder role.

I’m tempted to telefile again this year, as it is free. But with Anna and I joint filing, I don’t know how that would work. Anyway, if you follow this link from the IRS you can use the federal, online version of a lot of programs (Quicken, H&R Block, etc) for free. You have to pay 9 or 10 dollars to efile though. However, don’t you have to pay to efile with the full program versions as well?

You can file your CA taxes for free with the FTB’s CalFile.

Jan 242005

Anna and I saw Finding Neverland at Hazard 7 last night. It was my first time back to Hazard since Madstone died off. They seem to be keeping most of the good things about Madstone, but I wonder if they are going to survive as a regular theatre by charging 9 bucks. There are better seats out there for that price. I just hope they keep doing the latin film fest.

We both enjoyed Finding Neverland. It had a slight tearjerker formula, but I enjoyed the story. My favorite element of the movie was the mix of fantasy and reality. A similar feeling to Amelie or Big Fish in that one person was seeing something that others were not. Great visuals and the acting was well done, some of the better performances by kids I have seen.

Prefab Fab. Residential Architect covers modern prefab pushers and the potential they offer. Good information, but nothing groundbreaking.

Theo Jansen’s animals – immense multi-legged walking critters designed to roam the Dutch coastline, feeding on gusts of wind. I’ve wrote about him before, but wired gives him another look.

Good to see environmental rules and the proliferation of discarded devices push firms to design gadgets that are easier to recycle and safer to dispose of.

Your daily “we are screwing ourselves” report: report warns point of no return may be reached in 10 years, leading to droughts, agricultural failure and water shortages.

Oct 082004

This will be a busy weekend. Little Italy festival, Ray at Night, and One Nation at the Whistle Stop. Too bad I have so much work to do :(

There are few travel shows out there, and even fewer that I like. Recently I have added Michael Palin’s shows to my very limited play-list (which is mostly A Cook’s Tour and Lonely Planet). His new series is on The Himalayas, and is quite amazing. I will not miss the other 5 episodes.

We all knew it, but now it is official: The latest and most definitive findings came this week from the head of the U.S. weapons hunt in Iraq, Charles Duelfer. He concluded that Saddam did not have stockpiles of chemical or biological weapons, had no programs to make them or nuclear bombs, and had little ability to revive the banned weapons programs.

Bush now says Saddam had the ability to make weapons and give them to terrorists, an assertion he repeated Thursday. But Duelfer and other experts now say that is probably is false as well.

Archaeologists have unearthed the site of Genghis Khan’s palace and believe the long-sought grave of the 13th century Mongolian warrior is somewhere nearby

I just tried this out, pretty cool: Google SMS

For all you ipod nuts: iPodder

Underground SDSU station nearly finished

Sep 282004

Your links of the day:

Keats’ project asks some serious scientific questions — and no small number of religious ones: If evolutionary theory is accurate, then God’s genetic makeup should most resemble Earth’s first life forms. Or, if creationists are right, then God’s DNA is more like the life forms he created in his own image. Finding God’s DNA.

Another good article at Wired: The Crusade Against Evolution

Yet more DNA news: Evidence that people have been promiscuous for a long time

And, just because I find O’Reilly to be a pompus jackass:
The folks at Comedy Central were annoyed when Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly kept referring to “The Daily Show” audience as “stoned slackers.” So they did a little research. And guess whose audience is more educated?

Sep 232004

Erica Durance. Erica and I went to the same school, she was a year younger. I knew her, but she was not a close friend or anything – the school was small enough that everyone sort of knew each other.

Today some wacko sent me an email from asking about her year book photo. I don’t own a tv, but apparently she plays Lois Lane on Smallville, and is becoming quite popular.

All I could think of was ‘that’s got to suck’. Suddenly everyone is digging through your past.

Aug 262004

Miami Model: Free Trade Police State at Voz Alta was worthwhile. The place was packed out. The movie was thought provoking, and asked some good questions about the changing environment of protests (and media coverage). But I think they need to change their approach if they want the film to be shown to general audiences.

I marched against the Iraq war in San Diego and saw the media under report it. That march had huge support. But at that same protest you have your stereotype hippy or anarchist on a megaphone shouting ‘SMASH CAPITALISM’. It made the message diluted and easy to dismiss. The movie suffered the same way. Much of Maimi Model was logical and informative, but there were a few parts where they tried too hard to be funny/irreverent or brought in other agendas.

My thoughts on future protests are much along the same lines – they need to look at the issues that arise from the hardcore agitators. These people think what happened in Seattle was a victory. How can you gain public sympathy to your cause when you are picking a fight? Don’t get me wrong, the footage shows plenty of intimidation and abuse of peaceful/lawful people by the riot cops. But they need to figure out a way to separate themselves from fringe agitators, or they will never gain public support.

The subject matter (how protests are being dealt with, rights violations, etc) is extremely important and should be shown in a way to engage all people.

Aug 222004

Watched The Blair Shark Project last night. I want my money back. The website screams BASED ON A TRUE STORY, but 99% of the film is just someone’s imagination.

I woke up early this morning, so I walked over to the community garden. I really like mornings. The stillness and freshness. I would be a morning person, if I could also be a night person.

The garden is looking good. Starting to see some green coming up. I finally posted the first pictures of it, click the picture to see them:

I also posted some photos of my trip up to Calgary to see the family. Click the picture to see them: