Last night Anna and I went to watch The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill at the La Paloma theatre in Encinitas. Great movie, great theatre. We snuck some spring rolls from Siamese Basil into the show, but the concessions prices were quite reasonable. I love the building. It is sort of a roaring 20’s spanish […]

SD Housing

I’ve been meaning to write on San Diego and housing, but so many other people already are: The Professor Piggington’s Econo-Almanac deals with the San Diego market and has some really good analysis with their Bubble Primer: Conventional wisdom goes that San Diego is experiencing a severe housing crisis with no end in sight. The […]

History, exploration, and geeks.

Great urban exploration site: Russian photos and text of abandoned soviet infrastructure Long-Lost Da Vinci Masterpiece Found Behind Palazzo Walls “A high-tech art sleuth finds a hollow space behind an Italian palazzo’s murals, and believes he may have discovered a Da Vinci masterpiece not seen since 1563. In a case of life imitating art, Maurizio […]