Dams: not so bad for Salmon

A study tracking salmon in the Fraser and Columbia rivers has determined that dams are not the main cause of Salmon collapse. “dam modifications to assist migrating salmon have led to much-improved survival rates since the 1970s, the study team suggests.” In other words, the core issue with Salmon survival is in the open ocean. […]

Diving San Clemente Island

Photos of diving San Clemente Island Adam and I headed out with a charter group on the Horizon for a one day one night diving trip to San Clemente. We used Horizon Charters for the trip and had a pretty good experience – they have a nice operation and the crew was really good. I […]

Diving Point Loma kelp and the Ruby E

Photos of diving Point Loma kelp and the Ruby E Adam and I headed out with Waterhorse charters to dive the kelp beds off Point Loma. The Humboldt is a pretty nice boat – lots of room and very speedy. The dives looked to be pretty epic while we were gearing up. The bottom was […]