Nov 062008

The LA Times reports “Tensions between McCain and Palin camps come to light“. Might be interesting, let’s take a look:

“…aides to John McCain disclosed new details about her expensive wardrobe purchases and revealed that a Republican Party lawyer would be dispatched to Alaska to inventory and retrieve the clothes still in her possession.”

That’s pretty damned funny.

“Fox News reported Wednesday that Palin’s lack of knowledge on some topics also strained relations. Carl Cameron reported that campaign sources told him Palin had resisted coaching before her faltering Katie Couric interviews; did not understand that Africa was a continent rather than a country; and could not name the three nations that are part of the North American Free Trade Agreement — the United States, Canada and Mexico.”

That’s pretty damned sad.

Nov 052008

Best of luck, Obama. You are going to need it to deal with the mess that has been left for you.

Nov 042008

There was some epic visibility last week that I just caught the end of on Saturday, during a Scripps Canyon dive. The shallows were quite nice, but a little bit of a dead zone. Mistaking a crab trap for the new canyon line, we dropped in to find sheep crab tripping over each other to climb in. The canyon was bright and full of life as usual. I always forget how long the swim back to the pier underwater is (total run time for the dive was an hour, max 125′), but it definitely helps with off-gasing. I feel a lot better doing the long underwater swim back, rather than doing a slow accent, safety stop, and surface swim.