Yeehaw, lookie my SUVee!

New Scientist SUV report – “President Bush’s new $674 billion economic stimulus plan includes tax incentives for small businesses to acquire SUVs – incentives so generous that many will effectively be able to acquire them free, by claiming them as a business expense against tax. Critics say this will not only boost the numbers of the biggest SUVs on the roads, but also encourage the design of even larger gas-guzzling models.”

“What is more, the aggressive design of SUVs ensures passenger cars come off worst in collisions with them. In February, researchers at the State University of New York at Buffalo, found that in crashes between small cars and large SUVs, the risk of death was 24 times greater in the car.”


Wants his turn

The news is a bit surreal these days. It seems like bush is hell-bent on war. One day he says ‘We don’t need a regime change in Iraq, just that they comply with the UN.’ Iraq starts to destroy missiles and the next words out of his mouth are, ‘Iraq needs a regime change.’ I wish this Onion satire piece was a bit less realistic.

I went down to Tijuana to renew my TN1 VISA last weekend. What a nightmare. I was there for 6 hours trying to find a NAFTA agent to help me with my TN. I kept asking the INS staff ‘who can help me with my TN’. The answer was ‘you will have to wait for a NAFTA agent’. I heard this over and over for 6 hours until a man from Montreal, who was also waiting for his TN got fed up and marched inside the building. After he talked with the people inside, we finally were told we could see a NAFTA agent.

We went inside, and talked to a NAFTA agent that looked very familiar. He was one of the agents who didn’t seem to be doing much, other than telling us ‘you have to wait for a NAFTA agent’. As it turns out, he was the NAFTA agent. Infuriating. After 6 hours of waiting I decided to bite my tongue just get the damned TN done with.

new site

Just posted the new look for my site. It is very simple, I like it that way. The logo at the top left is a bar code of me (birthdate, and initials in ascii). This was inspired by a piece of art by Scott Blake that appeared in Adbusters. I need to scan a bunch of pictures I have and post them. I would also like to post a few of my paintings so far (been slacking the last month or so with painting though).