Apr 242003

I was at home depot last night looking for some supplies for my coffee table. There was an entire wall of Ralph Lauren paint and painting accessories. It was very surreal. Maybe the paint comes with a polo logo you can stick on your freshly painted wall.

Apr 232003

Me: “I have been trying to get my good driving bonus for the last 6 months. I’ve been paying the inflated insurance the entire time.”
AAA: “It shows you had an accident”
Me: “No it doesn’t. Your screwy database shows some guy named Chris Sohaey, not me.”
AAA: “Oh. Well… Can you prove you didn’t have an accident anyway?”
Me: “I wasn’t in the country, I’m Canadian. I didn’t come to the US until March of 2002.”
AAA: “Oh. But can you prove that your insurance carrier shows you didn’t have an accident?”
Me: “I didn’t have an insurance carrier, or a car when the accident took place. I sent you 2 choice point reports and an Alberta Driving Abstract – all show I have a perfect record.”
AAA: “Oh, can you prove that you didn’t have this accident though?”

So very frustrating.

Apr 162003


A former exec of Internet advertising giant DoubleClick will be the Department of Homeland Security’s first privacy czar, Bush administration officials said.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with DoubleClick, it is one of the primary internet advertisers. They have tried everything from simple banner clicks to secret programs that install on your computer to track consumer information to sell. In other words, they are/were the primary abusers of electronic privacy. But who knows, maybe she will be good at the job, since she is aware of the bad practices.

Apr 162003

[08:58] dan_kowalyshyn: we lowered our alert status to sunset orange
[08:58] Chiefwagonburner: when is it going to burnt sienna?
[08:59] dan_kowalyshyn: I need an Adobe color chart to keep up
[09:00] Chiefwagonburner: Terror Alert R:123 B:88 G:200, #FF02812

I didn’t get the apt ;…(. Someone with higher credit (being new here sucks sometimes) rating applied a minute after I did. So they gave it to them, even though I offered to do a higher dep. There is one opening up on the 2nd floor, I would get a bit of downtown, but no ocean I think. The apt was just too cool. early 1900’s building, solid concrete block (so you can blast your music), big windows, and it was a big open space.

Apr 082003

Have a bit of a backlog of news, so I will post a bunch:

I finished Culture Jam last week, finally. A bit rambling, and some of the options are a bit out of my reach, but still a great read.

I bought a cheapy tent at costco last weekend. It seems to be based off the model of a more expensive tent. The main reason I bought it is that it has great ventilation and a sky light, thanks to a clear plastic part of the fly. We will see what happens to it in the heat of burning man. Yes, I already have my burning man ticket and plan to go again. This time I will be a bit more prepared and hope to contribute more.