Apr 232003

Me: “I have been trying to get my good driving bonus for the last 6 months. I’ve been paying the inflated insurance the entire time.”
AAA: “It shows you had an accident”
Me: “No it doesn’t. Your screwy database shows some guy named Chris Sohaey, not me.”
AAA: “Oh. Well… Can you prove you didn’t have an accident anyway?”
Me: “I wasn’t in the country, I’m Canadian. I didn’t come to the US until March of 2002.”
AAA: “Oh. But can you prove that your insurance carrier shows you didn’t have an accident?”
Me: “I didn’t have an insurance carrier, or a car when the accident took place. I sent you 2 choice point reports and an Alberta Driving Abstract – all show I have a perfect record.”
AAA: “Oh, can you prove that you didn’t have this accident though?”

So very frustrating.

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