Aug 302004

A friend of Anna’s was in town on Sat & Sunday. She had 2 walk-ins and 2 50% off tickets for The Two Noble Kinsmen at the Old Globe. She was kind enough to drag the unwashed masses to get a little culture. It was my first time at the Old Globe. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a beautiful night, the show was great, and our walk-in tickets ended up being front & center! It was amazing, we expected to be standing at the back. I would definitely like to see some more shows there. However, at $65 a pop, I’m pretty sure I won’t be seeing too many.

Aug 262004

Looks like the weather at Burning Man is shaping up well so far: weatherunderground, intellicast.

Watered the garden at 10:30 last night. I could see some green showing up though.. Probably have to weed this weekend. Damned bermuda grass.

Speaking of gardens, I found out about these guys last night. I hope they have some permaculture type stuff happening in Golden Hill or Sherman. I would love to help out.

Aug 262004

Miami Model: Free Trade Police State at Voz Alta was worthwhile. The place was packed out. The movie was thought provoking, and asked some good questions about the changing environment of protests (and media coverage). But I think they need to change their approach if they want the film to be shown to general audiences.

I marched against the Iraq war in San Diego and saw the media under report it. That march had huge support. But at that same protest you have your stereotype hippy or anarchist on a megaphone shouting ‘SMASH CAPITALISM’. It made the message diluted and easy to dismiss. The movie suffered the same way. Much of Maimi Model was logical and informative, but there were a few parts where they tried too hard to be funny/irreverent or brought in other agendas.

My thoughts on future protests are much along the same lines – they need to look at the issues that arise from the hardcore agitators. These people think what happened in Seattle was a victory. How can you gain public sympathy to your cause when you are picking a fight? Don’t get me wrong, the footage shows plenty of intimidation and abuse of peaceful/lawful people by the riot cops. But they need to figure out a way to separate themselves from fringe agitators, or they will never gain public support.

The subject matter (how protests are being dealt with, rights violations, etc) is extremely important and should be shown in a way to engage all people.

Aug 252004

Too much stuff going on. Prepping for Burning Man and a wedding can be exhausting.

I would like to write up a bit of a guide/info bit on my favorite things in San Diego. I think this would help out all the people coming in from out of town to get a good idea of where to eat and play in San Diego. Nothing worse than some poor soul eating at Denny’s because they didn’t know about the killer taco shop around the corner.

I have an interest in NAFTA and economics. Hell, I’m here because of NAFTA. So I hope to make it to Miami Model: Free Trade Police State at Voz Alta tonight.

Aug 222004

Watched The Blair Shark Project last night. I want my money back. The website screams BASED ON A TRUE STORY, but 99% of the film is just someone’s imagination.

I woke up early this morning, so I walked over to the community garden. I really like mornings. The stillness and freshness. I would be a morning person, if I could also be a night person.

The garden is looking good. Starting to see some green coming up. I finally posted the first pictures of it, click the picture to see them:

I also posted some photos of my trip up to Calgary to see the family. Click the picture to see them:

Aug 182004

Anna and I are going to be married on Oct 30. My parents were married on Friday the 13th, so we were tempted to make it Halloween as a laugh. But Saturday will be easier to manage. The plan so far is: A small, short ceremony at Cedar Glen (where Anna’s Father’s ashes are scattered) the afternoon of the 30th. Then a casual party in San Diego later that night.


A depressing story over at GQ about the treatment of Joe Darby. Joe Darby is the whistle blower for the Abu Ghraib prison abuse/torture/rape/etc.