Voz Alta

Miami Model: Free Trade Police State at Voz Alta was worthwhile. The place was packed out. The movie was thought provoking, and asked some good questions about the changing environment of protests (and media coverage). But I think they need to change their approach if they want the film to be shown to general audiences.

I marched against the Iraq war in San Diego and saw the media under report it. That march had huge support. But at that same protest you have your stereotype hippy or anarchist on a megaphone shouting ‘SMASH CAPITALISM’. It made the message diluted and easy to dismiss. The movie suffered the same way. Much of Maimi Model was logical and informative, but there were a few parts where they tried too hard to be funny/irreverent or brought in other agendas.

My thoughts on future protests are much along the same lines – they need to look at the issues that arise from the hardcore agitators. These people think what happened in Seattle was a victory. How can you gain public sympathy to your cause when you are picking a fight? Don’t get me wrong, the footage shows plenty of intimidation and abuse of peaceful/lawful people by the riot cops. But they need to figure out a way to separate themselves from fringe agitators, or they will never gain public support.

The subject matter (how protests are being dealt with, rights violations, etc) is extremely important and should be shown in a way to engage all people.

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