Jan 182005

Today is INS day for us. Happy bureaucracy everyone!

I woke up at about 4am this morning. Picked up the cat off the bed, and put him outside. Anna said “What are you doing?” I replied, “He wants avocadoes”.

I have no idea what the hell my dream was about.

I was just thinking about Burning Man the other day. We have been the last three years, and enjoyed it every time. However, I was feeling like this year might be the year to take it off. It costs a lot of money and time. Tickets went on sale early this year, so we are already in the higher ticket price. Anna and I were feeling that maybe this year we spend that money and time on a different trip.

People go to Burning Man for different reasons. Some go to party. Some go to be freaky. Some go for the community. And some (myself included) go to be blown away by the art. I received an email that pointed me towards the bet. This year BORG2 will try to match BM’s art budget, and set up inside the event. Intriguing? Yes. Will we go? Dunno, but it gives me something to chew on.

Sep 082004

Reno. I spent a lot of time in Reno this last trip to Burning Man. Pete’s flight was delayed about 11 hours, so Anna and I had a lot of time to wander around the place.

– Casinos. Sure you can get a hot dog and a beer for $1.50, but your hotel (El Dorado, supposedly 3.5 stars) gives you a crappy smoking room instead of your pre-paid non smoking room.
– Driving in Reno sucks. It is always under construction (same section of highway has been messed up for the past 3 years), missing or erroneous signs, and the drivers think a turn signal means accelerate into my blind spot.

Its not all bad though. We went to the “#1 voted Basque Restaurant in Nevada”. How hard is that? We were suspicious, but just then walked by 2 more Basque restaurants. It was an interesting place. Everything is served family style on a big table, you eat with other people. We got there and started to chat up the locals. It was a great time. My neighbor offered me some sweet bread in wine sauce (sweet bread = thymus glands), which I liked. I was feeling adventurous, so I ordered the tripe.

Well, I ate a bit of it. It tasted good, the texture was ok (sort of spongy), but I could not handle the smell. It still had a very strong ‘internal workings’ aroma that I couldn’t get over. There was plenty of other great food to fill me up though.

We watched Hero while waiting for Pete at the local meglo-plex. I liked it. It is the same sort of style as Crouching Tiger (which I also liked), but the visuals in Hero are quite amazing.


Wow, check this out: Police in Paris have discovered a fully equipped cinema-cum-restaurant in a large and previously uncharted cavern underneath the capital’s chic 16th arrondissement.

It won’t be long now… Poor credit history can doom job offers

“The basic story is that San Diego has become a thoroughly corrupt community in which the power players cut the deals, you don’t ask any questions, and everybody gets what they want” More San Diego fun, Enron-by-the-Sea style.

This is a really great read: Fear Itself – Learning to live in the age of terrorism.

Aug 262004

Looks like the weather at Burning Man is shaping up well so far: weatherunderground, intellicast.

Watered the garden at 10:30 last night. I could see some green showing up though.. Probably have to weed this weekend. Damned bermuda grass.

Speaking of gardens, I found out about these guys last night. I hope they have some permaculture type stuff happening in Golden Hill or Sherman. I would love to help out.

Aug 082004

I am engaged. Anna and I have been discussing it for ages, but we finally made it official Sat morning.

Busy busy. Starting to get ready for Burning Man. Bought a shelter, the dome last year was just too much work. I found that I just sat around during the day as well, it was too posh. I hope this will get my ass out more. Still haven’t found the tent poles.. hmm.

We went shopping at North Park Produce to stock up on desert food. I love that store. Bought about 15 cans of dolmas, stuffed eggplant, etc. Didn’t forget the coconut juice either.

Going to be buying a lot at the community garden later today, hope I can get a crop up before it gets too chilly.