Aug 052005

The golden spike was driven in to the playa of Black Rock City on Wednesday. You can see some photos and a write-up from the DPW crew right here. From there they start to map out the streets and grid the city. Once completed, the big projects can be erected – the man, center camp, etc.

This year’s art lineup looks quite good. A few repeats, but most of it is brand spanking new. There are a number of larger works thing year – Clockworks and the Tower of Memory should be quite impressive. It looks like Therm is trying to bring back their magnificent beast, the Thermokraken. I hope they can find a sponsor. BORG2 also has a good looking list of art grants. I can’t wait.

Everything is seems to be coming together and getting ready. Except us. We are pressed for time this year, and will be doing a some what forced march. This means heading Thursday, overnight in Sacramento, stock up in Reno and hit the playa Friday afternoon. Not a whole lot of time, but better than nothing. Sadly this also means we don’t have many plans this year. No el wire, structures, etc. I guess we will just have to last minute an easy way to participate.

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