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Jan 032005

Posted photos of Peru, will be some time before I can comment on them all though. Why? The pile of work waiting for me when returning from vacation is a bit harsher than usual this time. We start to file my papers for residency this month. I get to fill out all sorts of nice forms:

I-130 Petition for relative
– with a G-325A for each of us
Then the I-485, which also requires:
– G-325A for me
– I-693, medical inspection (nevermind I’ve been here for 3 years)
– I-864, Anna gets to prove she can take care of me
– I-765, request to work while apps are pending
– I-131, request to travel while apps are pending

The work and travel ones aren’t necessary, but since it can take 3-20 months, it might just be a good idea. I am getting acquainted with legalese before doing my taxes this year.. Though I doubt it will help any. Telefile here I come.

Dec 062004

Today I get to go get poked and prodded as an alien. No, I’m not talking about xfiles type stuff. I have to go through the “Medical Examination of Aliens Seeking Adjustment Status” to prove I am a healthy individual before the US lets me apply as a resident. Of course, I’ve been living here for almost 3 years, so I would have already spread my plague by now. I’m just starting on INS papers and am not looking forward to filling them out. It is like doing taxes, but with more fees.

Getting ready for Peru.. so much to do in four days.

Feb 242004

U.S. Still Mining Terror Data – Mega Super. When I came back from Costa Rica I got to experience the new border security. Everyone not from the US was digitally finger printed and had their mug snapshotted by a digital camera attached to the agent’s computer. I gave them a big smile. Terrorists never smile.

I’ve often wondered what happens to the babies on baby product commercials. Do they ever sue? Case 4158, Jonny Frank vs. Mr and Mrs Frank – “PUBLIC NUDITY & CHILD LABOUR WITHOUT CONSENT”

I saw Spellbound last night. I liked it.

Mar 042003

The news is a bit surreal these days. It seems like bush is hell-bent on war. One day he says ‘We don’t need a regime change in Iraq, just that they comply with the UN.’ Iraq starts to destroy missiles and the next words out of his mouth are, ‘Iraq needs a regime change.’ I wish this Onion satire piece was a bit less realistic.

I went down to Tijuana to renew my TN1 VISA last weekend. What a nightmare. I was there for 6 hours trying to find a NAFTA agent to help me with my TN. I kept asking the INS staff ‘who can help me with my TN’. The answer was ‘you will have to wait for a NAFTA agent’. I heard this over and over for 6 hours until a man from Montreal, who was also waiting for his TN got fed up and marched inside the building. After he talked with the people inside, we finally were told we could see a NAFTA agent.

We went inside, and talked to a NAFTA agent that looked very familiar. He was one of the agents who didn’t seem to be doing much, other than telling us ‘you have to wait for a NAFTA agent’. As it turns out, he was the NAFTA agent. Infuriating. After 6 hours of waiting I decided to bite my tongue just get the damned TN done with.