Photos of Peru, INS fun

Posted photos of Peru, will be some time before I can comment on them all though. Why? The pile of work waiting for me when returning from vacation is a bit harsher than usual this time. We start to file my papers for residency this month. I get to fill out all sorts of nice forms:

I-130 Petition for relative
– with a G-325A for each of us
Then the I-485, which also requires:
– G-325A for me
– I-693, medical inspection (nevermind I’ve been here for 3 years)
– I-864, Anna gets to prove she can take care of me
– I-765, request to work while apps are pending
– I-131, request to travel while apps are pending

The work and travel ones aren’t necessary, but since it can take 3-20 months, it might just be a good idea. I am getting acquainted with legalese before doing my taxes this year.. Though I doubt it will help any. Telefile here I come.

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