Oct 232006

Golden Hill Block Party

It’s that time of year again, folks. Take a break from axing the rising undead and enjoy the The Golden Hill Block Party. Saturday October 28th on 21st Street between B and C streets, 5 PM to midnight. Dress up in your best costume and enjoy the free music.

Saturday too long to wait for ghoulish fun and music? Well rest easy, you can get your fix from the Bride of Monster Mashup.

Aug 082006

We had a lot of fun at the Golden Hill Block Party last year. It will be back October 28th, and we can’t wait. Luckily, there is another event from the same folks to tide us over – Session Fest! It will take place on Saturday, August 26th in Golden Hill Park. Bands playing include Fifty on Their Heels, Society!, The Sess, The Boyish Charms, MC Flow, and Jezebel and the New Collapse. It is free, all ages, and I’ve heard rumors of free ice-cream. Sounds like the perfect excuse for a picnic to me.

Update: Sessions Fest was great!

Photos can be found here: 2006.08.26 Sessions Fest at Golden Hill Park

Sessions Fest Sessions Fest Sessions Fest

Jan 242006

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Technomania Circus Technomania Cirucs Technomania Circus

Saturday night rolled around, and I headed south into Barrio Logan to check out Jimmy & Co (aka Bologna Ponies) play. After their burlesque show appearance in North Park, they had been asked to play at the Technomania Circus. Their punchy-sideshow sound fits well with the circus.

I really didn’t have any clue about the Technomania Circus, despite it being only 12 blocks from my house, and in existence for some time. Hell, a lot of the people involved are burners, or part of the Xara Project. I can only plead ignorance.

So what the hell is Technomania Circus? Well.. think of a heavily Burning Man influenced circus, but in some guys backyard. Its kind of weird. Yes, I do mean back yard. You have to sign a waver when you go, because if some flaming sword stabs your leg, they don’t have insurance for you. Hah.

Despite its humble appearance, it really is a lot of fun. Gags, freaks, acrobats, robots with fire. The circus has what you have been missing in life. I had a great time. If you go, dress warm, as its all outdoors. I just about froze my ass off wearing a hoody.

Update: I probably won’t be back to check out their quite freaky adult show on Feb 18th. “Extreme sideshow acts, suspension artists” – i.e. meat hooks & human flesh are the milder parts of this show. They are really going to push the shock envelope. More than likely it is going to be too much for even me, and I’m pretty unflappable. A much better bet is to wait until their March show.

Dec 052005

Random music reviews and links:

Me and This Army from Panzah Zandahz, a Radiohead mashup. Decent mix, but I’m suffering from a bit of Radiohead burnout at the moment. Maybe it is a case of Cold(over)play-by-proxy.

The always fantastic Sabadabada has been updated with some new records. Head there now for 100% of your daily recommended intake of 60’s Brazilian Bossa Nova, Balanço & Samba.

Brazilian Girls: Brazilian Girls. Every once and a while, Amazon does right by me for suggestions. This is one of those times. If you like Thievery Corporation, the Verve Remixed series, or any Bossa/Samba mixes, you will probably like these guys.

Q-unit – Greatest Hits. 50 cent & Queen mashup by The Silence Xperiment. They did a good mix on this mix, all of it fits together very well, rare for a full album mix. I like it, but I’m not that hot on the whole thing, since I’m not a big 50 cent fan. His lyrics are the standard retarded gangbanger shit, and his droning tone sounds like he is wacked out on v1cod1n.

Danger Doom: The Mouse and the Mask. Dangermouse and MF Doom got together to make a hiphop CD for the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. Sounds like a horrible idea, right? Wrong. The cd is awesome. Upbeat and whimsical, the album succeeds on all fronts. Buy this now!

Blackalicious: The Craft. Their last album, Blazing Arrow, had just the right mix of funk and hiphop. This album moves a bit away from the funk, but still has great beats and intelligent lyrics.

Oct 312005

(All photos for this entry are posted here)

Pete, Paul, Mark, Anna and I wandered down to 21st street on Saturday night to check out the Golden Hill Block Party. It featured The Adored, Fifty on their heels, and Jezebel, with a DJ in-between bands. I wasn’t familiar with any of the bands, but the new-wave-punky sound was fun and easy to get into – they all put on good shows. I don’t have a clue who put it the block party on, but they did a great job. They had the street blocked off, a stage & lights, hell they even had two porta-poties. All for free. Can’t beat that. Thanks to whoever you are! (Sophie & Scott)

Update: They also put on a great show at Sessions Fest at Golden Hill Park

Oct 182005

Califone opened the concert up and had some help from I&W on a song. I like some of their stuff, but they usually go weird-experimental-jazzy half way through it. It throws me off. Still worth lisening to though.

Calexico was next up, and they rocked the house. Great sound from them all, had the crowd moving. Who doesn’t like steel saws and trumpets? Crazy people. Anyone know if the projection stuff was part of the tour, or part of HoB?

Next up came Iron & Wine. There seemed to be a lot of fans in the house, and people enjoyed him. Me? Not so much. I don’t mind his whisper-singing, or the slightly dreary songs, but it was really hard to get into at House of Blues. Standing on concrete for three hours isn’t fun, but Calexico gave me an excuse to move my body. There was little of that from I&W. The bar was noisy. People were actually yelling at people to shut up, or doing the ever popular ‘shhhhh’. Add to this the light machine blinding you every second song and you don’t have a great mix. Had this been an intimate cafe, me with a beer or tea in hand, I suspect I would have enjoyed Iron & Wine a lot more.

So I guess my one word rating would have to be something like this:

Califone – OK.
Calexico – Woo!
I&W – Meh.

Oct 162005

I just picked up tickets for Anna and I to see Iron & Wine and Calexico tomorrow night at the new House of Blues in downtown San Diego. Should be a good show, I’m a big fan of Calexico. I expect a lot of indie-folk-desert-bluesy action. The UT has a good write-up on the Iron & Wine-Calexico collaboration.

Make sure you buy tickets at the HoB box office, just outside. Tickets there cost $22 after taxes, tickets through TicketMaster start at $28, before taxes – a nice $7.95 ‘Convenience Charge’ per ticket. They also charge you $2.50 to ‘let you’ print your own ticket. What a bunch of dicks.

Jun 062005

>New CDs
Coldplay\X&Y – Seems decent enough, but to my ear they are still following their pop pattern. While it is worth listening to, it is nothing new.

Foo Fighters\In Your Honor – This is a curious 2 cd release. The first cd has the standard catchy Foo Fighters fare, the second some slower songs. I haven’t quite made my mind up on this one yet. Which means it will probably grow on me.

Gorillaz\Demon Days – Lots of fingers in the pie on this CD, but it turns out good anyway. The sound on this cd is a bit more “bright” (in tone) than the others. I enjoyed the deeper, laid back tone of their previous cds, so this one will need a bit more time to grow on me. But I am just giving it a hard time, the cd is enjoyable and I really love some of the tunes. “Fire coming out of a monkey’s head” is fantastic – sort of a messed up version of The Point with the dialogue done by Dennis Hopper. If you are a fan, BBC has a pseudo documentary on this album.

Black Eyed Peas\Monkey Business – More of the same (rap + funk), but that’s not a bad thing.

>Music you can download
Sabadabada has a few new cds up. He has a fantastic collection classic Bossa, Balanco, Samba from the 60’s that he rips from LP and slaps up on the net. Well worth a donation, I enjoy the music.

If you need some 78 RPM” jukebox action (1910-1930’s), check out Turtle’s great recordings. It is interesting to see the work involved in doing this.

Mashups/Bastard tracks:
ccc (of Revolved fame) has some newer tracks and a radio session posted
DJ BC – some of the earlier stuff is messy, but most of his stuff is pretty decent.
Kelptones have three albums available, they are pretty good stuff. The torrents take a bit to pick up though.
I enjoy most of MCSleazy’s music. The gwen stefani track is great.