Golden Hill Block Party

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golden hill block party golden hill block party golden hill block party golden hill block party

Scott, Sophie, and the rest of the Cat Dirt Records folks put on another great party last Saturday night – The Golden Hill Block Party featuring ¡Society!, Fifty On Their Heels, The New MotherF*s, Qu’est-ce Que C’est, Gasoline Chicken, DJ Edgartronic and DJ P$. As expected, the concert started off a bit slow because of the early start time. Once it started to get dark, the crowd started to really grow. San Diego needs to get it together and let them have an event past 10 PM, most people don’t show up until 7 or 8.

All the bands did a great job, and there was a good community feel to the event. I was really impressed by the final act, ¡Society!. They were the perfect finish to the evening. They had a lot of energy, the crowd was dancing and loving the performance. Someone uploaded a recording of ¡Society! at the Casbah if you want to get a sample of their sound.

Thanks again to Scott and Sophie!

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