Burnt sienna

[08:58] dan_kowalyshyn: we lowered our alert status to sunset orange
[08:58] Chiefwagonburner: when is it going to burnt sienna?
[08:59] dan_kowalyshyn: I need an Adobe color chart to keep up
[09:00] Chiefwagonburner: Terror Alert R:123 B:88 G:200, #FF02812

I didn’t get the apt ;…(. Someone with higher credit (being new here sucks sometimes) rating applied a minute after I did. So they gave it to them, even though I offered to do a higher dep. There is one opening up on the 2nd floor, I would get a bit of downtown, but no ocean I think. The apt was just too cool. early 1900’s building, solid concrete block (so you can blast your music), big windows, and it was a big open space.

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