May 072003

Physicists have concluded that space is infinite and that, therefore, there are an infinite number of other universes out there identical to ours – “In infinite space, even the most unlikely events must take place somewhere. There are infinitely many other inhabited planets, including not just one but infinitely many that have people with the same appearance, name and memories as you, who play out every possible permutation of your life choices.”

This conversation just screams geeks:
[10:31] danno_sm: nelly, you finish that coffee table yet?
[10:31] Chiefwagonburner: didn’t finish my table yet, need to find some decent paint or stain for it
[10:31] danno_sm: that and my birch bark canoe
[10:32] Chiefwagonburner: haha
[10:32] danno_sm: listen, I’ve been more then generous on the canoe schedule but I still haven’t seen any movement
[10:33] danno_sm: I think we need to have a new planning meeting to go over goals and deliverables
[10:33] Chiefwagonburner: I’m upgrading to the newest birch bark toolset, that’s why its late. You want the latest tools, the whole canoe industry is moving to them. Your canoe will be obsolete in a year otherwise.
[10:34] danno_sm: oh,.. the birch SDK was rev’d to 1.4.1?
[10:34] Chiefwagonburner: the old version didn’t work with SapGlue5.2
[10:36] danno_sm: how about scalp_the_lazy_bastard0.1.1 if he doesn’t get moving on it?
[10:37] Chiefwagonburner: Microsoft bought them out, its now “Clippy’s on a Warpath XP”. It crashes all the time.
[10:38] danno_sm: time to call canoe_builder.action(&boot_in_d_ass)
[10:40] Chiefwagonburner: Error 101: Process uses an Automation type not supported.
[10:40] danno_sm: I’m subclassing the boot in the ass

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