Photos photos!

I have been slacking and not updating this page. We went to Montreal and then a week later, to Calgary. Both were a good time. I have pictures, I just need to caption and post them. Update: Montreal photos, Calgary photos.

Two weekends ago Anna, Bart, and I set up 4 of the 5 layers of the geodesic dome. We did pretty well considering we figured it out as we went along. It is huge, and should be a lot of fun for burning man. Dome tryout photos here.

Last weekend Bart gave us tickets to a boat party (3 story boat with 2 djs). The boat went around the harbor for a few hours, it was pretty fun. Downtown always looks impressive from the water. Boat party photos here.

This weekend Danno came down and we hung out. We went snorkeling with the sharks on Saturday, and then the cove on Sunday.

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